How casino affiliates can thrive at the World Cup?

The World Cup is rapidly approaching and sports betting affiliates are ready to pounce on this traffic. They’re not the only ones who can benefit however, as casino affiliates also have the chance to get their slice of the action. You definitely don’t need to be in sports betting to get your kicks from the World Cup.

Traffic, traffic, traffic

The affiliate game, whether it’s sports or casino, is all about driving the right traffic. Keeping on trends during this sporting event will allow you to expand your reach and potentially funnel more of this traffic to your site. If your target market is a punter that bets on sports and casino, then get out there and reach them.

In terms of social media, you really just need to have an awareness of the upcoming matches in order to strengthen your online presence. Be relevant while encouraging sports fans to visit your site or follow you.

This is a great time to roll out a football themed promotion. If you want to capture data, then you can give away prizes for those that follow the sport. With countries going head to head, it’s easy to think of traditional items to give away. For the cost of a national team’s strip, you can funnel a lot of traffic to your site and generate hundreds of email addresses.

Think about what you want to get out of this potential audience then incentivise them to make it happen. Whether you want a new base of followers to advertise your offers or a new mailing list, give them a reason to share this with you.

Creating the right content

Some operator sites have begun to create content to attract sports fans to their sites through Google. For example, Red Flush Casino have created a travel guide for those who want to go to the World Cup and linked it to their football themed slot games. This is an easy link for readers to become interested.

You can create this kind of content ready to put out there when the time comes. Now is the time to begin preparing articles and infographics, so when the tournament is in full swing you are able to distribute it.

Everyone likes an argument about the World Cup, so make yourself visible by joining in with the community. You need to be able to identify winning moments and interesting points, then you can create content that revolves around them. Engage with these trends and then get ready to use them to your advantage.

Capitalise on operator deals

Savvy operators will be putting football themed promotions into place. This is great for affiliates, as you can use these as relevant content to funnel users from browsing World Cup trends to taking part with a casino operator. Some may even be gearing up to give away tickets, which you can use to get exposure before the tournament even begins.

Again, you can use slots like Football Champions Cup and Soccer Star to make this transition easier for users. Tempt them in with football related banter and transition them to your operator. If this is a simple and cohesive process for them, then they’ll feel more comfortable depositing.

With the World Cup rapidly approaching, you need to put the time into your strategy now. If you want to learn new ways to market your affiliate business and benefit from the knowledge of experts, then book your FREE ticket to AffiliateFEST now. There are only 100 free tickets for affiliates, so don’t miss your chance t

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