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What kinds of content work best for organic social media in sports and casino?

When creating content for organic social media, you need to think carefully about the types of content that you are creating for the platform. A watertight strategy needs to be at the centre of every choice with these tools, which will include when you post and what you post about. Here are five points you should try to hit when creating organic social media posts for sports and casino content.

Make It Interactive

Dynamic content is always far more enjoyable than others, and it can really help to build engagement with your community. It could come in the form of polls, or questions posed to your community, or through many other paths. Make these as engaging and as interactive as possible and ensure that you follow up on any responses you get from posts like this. People love to answer questions or take part in small quizzes, so interactive content should always be a must for your brand.

Post Live

Live posts are the best way to get an immediate reaction from followers. Though you can hop onto social media for spontaneous storytelling, you should also try to plan them out in advance. This allows you to drum up some interest and gather an audience as soon as you start your live broadcast. Lives could include live-tweeting or broadcasts on Facebook or Instagram. Announce new projects, winners of those interactive competitions, or even just your reaction to certain key pieces of news.

Tell a Story

Every story needs to have a beginning, middle, and end, and this is a format you can definitely emulate with the right social media posts. Whether you condense it all into the one post, or you spread it out over multiple, you need to ensure that your content tells a story and does not appear like an arbitrary post. For example, you could stretch an announcement across three posts – with each one explaining the new project or giving a little more insight into what players can expect. This will help to drive engagement as you encourage followers to come back for the next update.

Post Frequently

Frequent posting is one of the biggest factors in ensuring that you are not able to build a following on social media, but that you are also able to keep it. The precise frequency of your posts might come down to your projects, with some requiring daily posts while others might only need updating once a week. Work out the rhythm that best suits your analytics and then make sure that you are posting at times when engagement will be highest.

Be Original

When creating content for your social media pages, it must always be original and of the highest quality. Followers can spot generic content like stock images fairly easy. Instead, you should always try to ensure that you are using original and eye-catching content that is unique to your brand. This will really make an impact, and will help to give your brand the authenticity it needs to help drive engagement.

Choosing which content you wish to post on your social media platforms can be difficult, but there are some clear choices you can make when aiming for organic engagement. Variety, interactivity, and originality are key, and they need to be included in all social media posts for casino or sports brands.

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