What impact will Apple’s new iOS14 affect Facebook ad campaigns for affiliates?

New iOS updates always bring a slew of changes that need to be made to various channels so too big an impact won’t be felt. While affiliate channels might not feel this impact as much as operators, there is always the chance that adjustments will still need to be made if there is a drop in traffic sources. Let’s take a closer look at the potential impact the new iOS14 update could have.

What will iOS14 do?

One of the primary benefits of the iOS14 update is that it will bring an enhancement to the privacy and security of its users. This mainly targets a reduction in tracking through apps. Apple has made this feature compulsory for all apps in its store, and those that do not comply will simply be removed.

However, this will also bring about changes for various tools that track users online. In the case of Facebook, this would be the Facebook pixel. Instead of just tracking users as it once did, users will instead have to respond to a request for permission to enable tracking. It is therefore assumed that many users will deny permission.

The impact this could have on campaigns

There will then be a knock-on effect to the types of ad campaign that can be run through Facebook. Businesses will be limited to optimisation and reports on 8 Conversion Events, and they will also be limited to 9 campaigns that target iOS14 users.

Since it is expected that many users will not opt in to traffic, there may be a drop in custom audiences created through pixel events, or a lack of traffic from dynamic product ads. Each of these will have to be compensated for by those in charge of these campaigns.

The impact on affiliates

For affiliates, Facebook has never really been a problematic source of traffic. A good affiliate program will be able to draw in paid traffic from a range of sources, and an effective Facebook campaign is very much just a part of the puzzle.

Where the impact for affiliates might lie is with operator campaigns. Here, there could be a drop in traffic sources from paid traffic. In turn, this could affect affiliates.

Therefore, it might be wise for affiliates to look into pathways that could support operators and compensate them for some of the lack of traffic in this area. Using techniques such as social selling could prove to be incredibly helpful here. When used correctly, it will result in better lead generation. In turn, this could be used to counteract the drop in potential leads that come from Facebook.

While the impact on affiliates might not be as great as that which operators will see, that does not mean that it can be ignored. Sensible affiliate managers will look for ways they can counteract this so they are fully prepared for when iOS14 has rolled out across multiple users. Consider how this might impact your own program now.

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