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What do affiliate managers really do?

If you are involved in affiliate marketing, you have probably come across an affiliate manager from time to time. For many affiliates in the iGaming industry, affiliate managers are the point of contact and building a relationship that works for both parties is really important. While many of us understand the purpose of an affiliate manager, some aren’t quite sure what their job role entails. Below, we thought we’d look at some of the things that might fill an affiliate manager’s day.

There isn’t a typical day

Before we get started talking about what affiliate managers really do, it is worth noting that no two affiliate managers’ jobs are the same. Affiliate programs vary in size and volume and so while one might have a range of tasks to work on each day, others might have a team to delegate the smaller tasks to.

Of course, you can expect some similar responsibilities across programs.

Day-to-day management

Affiliate managers are typically tasked with overseeing the day-to-day management of the program and the affiliate campaigns. So, they need to always make sure that the maximum ROI is being achieved. This might involve checking in on affiliates to see how they are performing and offering tips to help achieve ROI in other areas.

Affiliate recruitment

One of the hardest tasks for affiliate managers is affiliate recruitment but this is something that needs to be an ongoing project. Typically, you’ll find affiliate managers spending large chunks of their day searching for new affiliates to onboard. This might involve outreach emails, networking events and much more.

Not only is affiliate recruitment an important part of the job but training is too. If affiliates aren’t trained up properly, they won’t hit their targets.

Delivering reports

Did you know that affiliate managers typically spend a lot of time delivering reports to key stakeholders in the business? Senior management teams don’t typically have the time to spend looking into each affiliate and so a report can help them to understand how things are going.

Additionally, advertisers will want to learn more about how things are going, and reports can help to display this. So, an affiliate manager will gather the numbers and deliver these to those who need them.

Identifying opportunities

Often, you’ll find that affiliate managers will spend time working on ways that they can improve the program overall. Anyone tasked with this role needs to be innovative in order to keep the program at the top. Campaigns can become stale over time and if this isn’t addressed, targets will not be met. For this reason, affiliate managers always need to be on the lookout for improvements that can be made.

Managing commissions

Finally, affiliate managers need to make sure that any affiliates are receiving their commissions in a timely manner. Affiliate programs that don’t pay their affiliates tend to get a bad reputation and anyone driving traffic to a brand needs to be paid for their work. If an affiliate program wants to maintain its good reputation and keep good affiliates around, the affiliate manager must make sure that things are going to plan in the finance department. Otherwise, the recruitment process might need to begin all over again.


Affiliate managers take on a range of tasks, but their number one priority is to maintain the program and ensure affiliates are getting the support that they need. This role is diverse and exciting which is why so many people are moving across to affiliate management in iGaming.

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