Vie and Epsilon join forces for charitable esports endeavour, the world’s first esports betting exchange, has announced it is teaming up with Epsilon eSports to raise money for charities through P2P esports betting between fans and three Epsilon players.
All bets won by fans will be theirs to keep, while all bets won by Epsilon players will be donated to their respective charities listed below. The promotion is expected to provide great fun for esports fans and, most of all, help three very worthy causes.
This promotion has been approved by the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) and the players are cleared to bet on matches during this charity period.
Affiliate Industry Review secured a client relationship with Vie for strategic affiliate management services last month. Under the terms of the agreement, AI will manage and promote the growth of the Vie Partners affiliate program globally.

Participating Epsilon players and their charities

The three eligible Epsilon players and their charities are as follows:
SPELLAN aka Teodor Nikolov has chosen Teach For Bulgaria, stating: “I will donate my winnings from to Teach For Bulgaria because I know that life in Bulgaria is really hard for some children that deserve a better life. I feel very proud and happy that I am able to help them through my esports play.” 
Surreal aka Kia Man has chosen Cancer Research UK on the grounds that: “I would like to donate my winnings from to Cancer Research UK, as it has personal meaning to me and I would like to help further their research.” 
K1to (aka Nils Gruhne) has chosen Holidays From Cancer, stating: “I will donate all my winnings to Holidays From Cancer because it breaks my heart that little kids have to deal with such a terrible thing so early in life.”

How it works

Several times per week, each of the Epsilon players will examine the markets and place a bet of their choosing on a team that they think will win (excluding Epsilon). The players will then post notification of the bet to twitter, along with the hashtag #VIEcares and challenge their followers to match the bet – if they dare. Fans that sign up through this promotion will be given a free bet on VIE for up to 20 euros.
VIE will be providing the Epsilon players with money in their Vie accounts. The players understand this money is not withdrawable and will only be used to make bets during the promotional period, with final balances being donated to their designated charities at the end of the promotional period.

Everybody wins

If a fan signs up, bets against the Epsilon pro and wins, they are free to keep their winnings, as well as claiming some pretty big bragging rights. If the Epsilon pro wins, his winnings will go towards his charity of choice at the end of the promotional period.
This promotion has been submitted to the ESIC and approved, as the players have no way to profit from this promotion. As part of the ESIC approval conditions, VIEwill monitor player accounts directly to make sure that no suspicious bets are placed.  
At the end of the promotional period (last day of May 2019), the players total winnings will be tallied and audited, with final donations being made to each of their respective charities shortly thereafter.
Gregory Champagne, Chief Executive Officer at Epsilon eSports, stated: “This is a fantastic initiative between and our players, and we are extremely proud to take part in helping to make the world a better place. The trio, K1to, Surreal and SPELLAN have chosen to donate their winnings to worthy charities that have important meaning to each of them and I know they look forward with great excitement to challenging esports fans.”
Brian Cordry, Head of Esports at, added: “It’s a pleasure to get to work directly with players that genuinely want to make a difference using our website. Each of these guys coming up with a charity that they want to support shows that they care about giving back to both the local and online communities. I’m excited to see how much money the guys can raise for their great charitable causes.”
Grant Johnson, CEO of Esports Entertainment Group, said: “In January, we announced our esports wagering partnership with Epsilon and couldn’t imagine we would already be working on three such worthy causes together.  As we work towards establishing as the premier destination for transparent esports betting between fans, we also feel strongly about helping those most in need by supporting our partner, their great players and their great charities.
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