Video marketing increases audience engagement by 135%

We’ve shared information on the latest Facebook algorithm changes and how it will impact your social strategy. Videos are becoming much more important to engage your audience, and stop the scroll so getting creative with video apps is a priority. You don’t need to be an expert to make great creative.  You just need to know what apps work best. We look at all the available tools you can use to create great visual marketing content that will help your community grow.

Don’t fall behind

If you’re not using videos effectively at this point, then you’re already falling behind the people that are. iGaming affiliates are now using everything from slot review videos to match previews, which creates a better interaction. In this competitive world, you know that if you’re falling behind then you’re losing valuable traffic to other affiliates.

Just look around your social media platforms and you will see sites that use video content appearing all over the place. While this started with the likes of Buzzfeed, now video content is accessible to every brand.

It’s easier than you think 

A lot of affiliates steer clear of video content because they think it is difficult and expensive to create. Sarah Sangster, of Sangster Digital, taught us at the Affiliate Industry Review Bootcamp that you can use apps like Legend to create fun videos that enhance your social channels. These take just a few minutes to make and really diversify your feed, giving you a higher reach.

How to videos are among the most popular with users, as they offer something of real value. These are among the top three types of video content out there, falling just behind customer testimonials. If one of your operator partners is offering a new type of game or bet, then get making a video to show them how it works. Capturing your screen and showing them around will take you just a few minutes and make them more likely to convert.

Keep videos short and sweet, as 5% of viewers will drop off after the first minute and 65% after the second. If your topic merits it, then break it up into a series of videos to keep them snappy.

You can boost your reach

Did you know that videos on Facebook reach 135% more people than plain text posts? This kind of reach can be bought, if you have the right advertising licences, but why not use easy videos instead? This saves you money and helps you to get your point across to your followers.

This kind of content is also a lot more shareable too, so users will spread your message for you. The caveat here is that the content has to be interesting and carry social currency, to make it worthwhile for them to share.

It seems that with the recent algorithm changes on Instagram and Facebook, it’s going to be harder to get your message out there without paying for additional advertising. That’s why you have to jump on the trends that will get you this reach organically, or risk depleting your advertising budget unnecessarily. Your sponsored content will also be more effective if it contains a video, making it cheaper and getting your budget to work harder for your brand.

You’ll get more traffic

If you choose to share your videos on site, then you could end up with 41% more organic traffic. Google knows that users want fast paced video content to be introduced to a product or brand, so they’ll help you climb the rankings if you provide that.

When adding these videos, ensure that you’re tagging it with the correct meta data to make it easier to find. This takes just a few minutes and will improve your rankings, getting the most out of your investment in video.

It’s more effective

When polling people that watched a branded message in a video, versus those that had read it, 95% who watched the information in video form retained the message. Just 10% of the written content was retained by those in the survey, showing that the video content was much more effective.

With both eyes and ears engaged in video content, it makes sense that users can retain more of the information given. This is particularly handy for those that want to explain a complex idea in a digestible way.

On a landing page, a video can increase your conversion rate by 80%. If you’re funnelling traffic to your site, but not getting conversions, then this can be a worthwhile test.

Top tools for creating video content

Starting off with the right tools will help you create video content that works. Legend is ideal for those that want to overlay pictures with animated text, to create a quick GIF to emphasise the point. Word Swag and Legend easily also allow you to create similar stings, which can be shared instantly from your mobile to your feeds.

OBS Studio is one of the best desktop based systems that will allow you to record your screen, annotate the videos and stream them live. This allows you to broadcast your stream to the likes of Facebook and Twitch, which can again broaden your reach. This is a handy alternative to FRAPS, which only allows you to record in 30 second increments with the free version. Check that your internet speed is up to scratch for live broadcast, or you will have issues with the video quality.

Now that you know more about how to create and share video content, get planning to map out your video content strategy for the next quarter. Schedule in important dates and spend the time creating videos that are engaging and add value for your audience.

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