Video content – a new focus for acquisition strategy

We hear all the time that the future is video, as it delivers increased reach and better awareness from online audiences. It’s essential to place an emphasis on this if you want to grow your affiliate brand.

Why are videos viewers important for your site?

Google have conducted a lot of research into the psychology of their viewers on YouTube. They’ve shared some pretty interesting stats that affiliate marketers should be paying attention to. This includes the fact that 83% of users say that YouTube helps them to learn to do something new. People are going there to learn new things, to understand how things work and to absorb information in short sharp bursts of visual content. This is a change from previous surveys where video was typically used for entertainment.  Taking this principal on board, you need to be thinking about how could use video to teach or educate customers around your subject matter of choice.

Comparing different video platforms will also give you a hint on how you should be marketing to this audience. On Facebook, 58% of users self-report that they fully pay attention to the content. On YouTube, this rises to 83%. To get your message across and make sure it’s being fully received, you may want to tailor the content you generate to the specific platform you want to use. For more in depth videos, you might want to use YouTube but for short snippets Facebook may be more suitable. 

YouTube marketing is less passive and requires an active connection from your user. On social media, they’re passively watching your content as they scroll through posts but on YouTube they’re actively seeking it. This is an important difference to note if you want to build up your brand awareness. 

Exploring types of content

Within the world of video content, there’s a massive range of different videos that you could create. As with any kind of content marketing, it’s your job to figure out what your users want to see and give that to them. Work on your metrics, spend your time working out what’s working for your audience and then use this information to improve. 

As you work to refine your content, understand the relationship between converting users and engagement. While your audience might find a video engaging and interact with it, it may not be entirely relevant to your brand. It’s all about working out the balance between reach and valuable content for your users. 

Reviews of sites and games are becoming more popular in the video format for affiliates so how will you make yours stand out. It gets a much wider reach and not many affiliate portals are doing this as of yet. This gives you an edge over the competition and allows you to improve what you have to offer. Affiliates who want to remain competitive can’t afford to pass up any chance to do so. 

Above all, you want to understand your ideal user. Create niche personas and figure out exactly who you want to visit at your site then create content that directly speaks to them. You might think that all users are good users, but if you’re paying for their click and they don’t take you up on your partner brand offerings, that’s no use for you.

Consumer psychology has taken massive leaps and bounds in the retail space, but again the gambling industry has a lot to do to catch up. Knowing your tribe is the first step to marketing to them, don’t rush in with a whole load of video content without having a very clear content strategy. Video can represent a higher investment of your time and money, so invest it well and grow your content marketing stream outwards based on doing what works first. 

For more hints to get you producing top quality, conversion inducing video, make sure you book your ticket for AffiliateFEST. We can’t wait to give you the low down on the do’s and don’ts of building digital content that allows you to get really competitive. We’ll see you there! 

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