UK elite sports leaders

UK elite sports leaders demand clarity on lockdown-2 procedures

The latest round of lockdown restrictions has spared UK elite sports leaders as the operations of other sectors are slowed down once more. The UK government has confirmed that elite sports will be able to continue “behind closed doors” across England.

Some bodies are still unsure as to how more safeguards will be implemented to further protect against COVID-19 and any further closures.

For now, racing is set to commence with jump meetings from Thursday 5 November. However, the British Horseracing Authority wishes to push for further clarity over restrictions given thus far. With different restrictions in England, Scotland, and Wales, it is important that clear guidelines are given in terms of who is able to attend the jump meetings.

Horse racing is not the only industry affected by this lack of clarification. The FA has also issued a statement asking the government for further guidance over the new restrictions.

The upcoming FA Cup features 9 amateur sides in the knock-out rounds. With these knock-out rounds scheduled in for the 6th to the 9th of November, they need an answer soon to determine how best to handle matches with full compliance with the latest restrictions.

Clarity needs to be given soon to best help these industries adapt. With many leagues and games due to either start or play crucial games soon, UK elite sports leaders need answers from the government soon to best adapt to changes. Sportsbooks and sports betting affiliates should also be prepared to adapt if further changes are made thanks to new restrictions or clarification about current regulations.

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