Tory MP calls for gambling advertising ban during live sports

UK Conservative MP, Richard Graham, has called for a total ban on gambling advertising during mainstream sports coverage in a bid to protect individuals at risk from gambling-related harms.
The MP for Gloucester, who spoke at the House of Commons last week on the matter, stated: “The Gambling Commission (UKGC) should consider banning gambling advertising during live sport altogether,” said Graham while speaking in the House of Commons last week.
The MP said that it was Parliament that “opened the door to online gambling” and that elected MPs have a special responsibility to significantly improve the situation.
Graham added that a new levy on the revenue of industry operators should be devised in a bid to solve the problem. He added: “Is this our chance to get the balance right between funding sport, using technology, and having the right protections to prevent tragedy?”
The Gambling Bill (Industry Levy Review And Protections For Vulnerable People) proposed by Graham will call for additional funding towards research initiatives pertaining to problem gambling, in addition to numerous other initiatives. The schemes are set to be funded by the proposed levy, with the bill set to return for a second reading in Parliament on May 10.

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