Twitter : Still growing in popularity in the US

Last week I travelled to New Jersey because I was attending the Betting on Sports America Conference. During my Affiliate MasterClass workshop, we discussed some of the different ways that state by state localisation was going to impact digital marketing strategies.
The discussion ranged from understanding how localised SEO will drive engagement, to which social channels seemed more prominent in the US compared to EU markets. Surprisingly, Twitter came up as the most commonly used social media platform. Instagram has long been the favourite social platform in the UK for a while, so could Twitter still be an effective medium to engage audiences online?
Below are some interesting stats about Twitter which may make you change your mind to use it again and more effectively in your content marketing:

Who exactly is using Twitter?

USA, JAPAN , UK are the most prominent countries still using Twitter. Twitter is a platform that allows users to share and comment on content quickly and many US based celebrities have built massive followings as influencers and trend setters in this channel. The platform lends itself well to the sports betting industry where news, tips and in-game commentary works well to engage audiences at point of sale. The wide interest group and topics are covered effectively using content and visual to engage.

Twitter has been cleaning up its platform

Users are increasing activity (engagement) and the platform is cleaning up its product offering. Average monthly active users (MAU) were 326 million (2018), compared to 330 million in the same period of the previous year and compared to 335 million in the previous quarter. The slight drop was impacted by a number of factors including the change in new GDPR, decisions to clean up the health of the platform (bots) and also not moving to paid SMS carrier relationships in certain markets – as well as product changes that reduced automated usage.
Importantly whilst the number of users decreased, the number of daily users has increased consistently since 2016.

A Twitter post is scientifically more memorable

Twitter is more effective at “stimulating mental engagement and nine percent better at memory encoding according to a NeuroInsight study that also found people spend 4 percent more time on Twitter during a live event than they would normally. Twitter was born for use during major live events which means it lends itself well to sports betting and in-play user engagement. That kind of predictable surge in interest is worth experimenting with in your paid content strategy.
Based on U.S. Nielsen Brand Effect data, people who saw In-Stream Video Ads on Twitter were 70% more likely to recall the brand’s ad, 28% more likely to be aware of the advertiser’s brand, and had a 6% higher purchase intent (versus those not exposed to video ads).
If these stats are anything to go by, Twitter has a tonne of opportunity for growing a brand because of its outreach to engaged audiences. It’s simple and easy to use and it has built big audiences that are growing year on year around the world. Twitter offers a great resource for connecting with people and building memorable brand and content engaging experiences that are scientifically proven to leave a lasting impression.

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