Is Twitter still effective for igaming affiliates?

Affiliate Industry Review CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone assesses whether Twitter is still an effective medium for igaming affiliates.
Twitter is a social media force to be reckoned with.  There are 326 million people who use Twitter every month, with 9% or more of those using this channel on a daily basis.  Is this an untapped tool for affiliates , or has it had it’s day?
Is Twitter still relevant?
When you look at the number of people who use Facebook (over 2 billion million active users) – it’s understandable that Twitter isn’t as high on the priority list.
With Facebook and Instagram taking hold of the social media world, there has been significant focus on driving traffic from those mediums.
Facebook has also been quick to develop new methods of engaging customers such as Instant experience ads, tap and hold creatives – and giving publishers the functionality to live stream, and premiere live videos.  Twitter has been a little slower on the uptake.   If a brand on Twitter has 1 million followers, they can expect around 300 interactions – whereas, on Facebook, the same number of followers would result in on average 700 interactions.
Why would igaming affiliates use Twitter?
Facebook is much more stringent in terms of iGaming advertisements, and promotional material which can be problematic for affiliates and operators alike, so shifting focus to make sure you have all angles covered should be part of your overall social media strategy.  What’s also important to remember about Twitter is that they have a younger demographic with 80% of Twitterusers being affluent millennials.  This allows you to reach a broader audience.
Top tips on making the most of Twitter
Build your Twitter followers by using tools such as Social Quant or Crowdfire.  These tools will allow you to quickly increase your following by using data to find relevant users and conversations you can become involved in.
You can also use influencer marketing as part of your Twitter strategy.  You can use the likes of SocialBro who will help you on your way to finding relevant influencers.  This is something that’s becoming a massive part of the digital landscape.
Just like with data from your website, you can segment the people you follow on Twitter.  If there are brands or people you really want to keep track of, you can add them to a Twitter list and follow it alongside your main timeline.
Researching your competitors is also critical to Twitter success.  See what other affiliates are doing and keep up to date with their overall strategy and Tweets.  Also, be sure to include the correct hashtags when you are posting out Tweets.  There are tools such as Ritetag that will give you info on how many times a specific hashtag has been used, how many interactions it got and other valuable information.
The analytics are also improving on Twitter which will allow you to optimise your campaigns and continuously improve them.
Although not as popular as other social media channels – Twitter still has it’s place in the gaming industry and when used correctly can build your brand and drive traffic to your site.

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