Traffic Puma launches ethical casino review site

Traffic Puma Ltd, one of Malta’s newest affiliate performance marketing businesses, has launched its first affiliate site. focuses on ethical gaming for consumers.

The company is founded by a trio of igaming specialists: Mikael Strunge from Power Media Group; Dennis Dyhr-Hansen from Matching Visions; and Allan Jensen of Rvnue ApS.

The affiliate marketing and lead generation business continues to increase year-on-year, which seems incredible given the growth that these sectors have already underwent. With increased awareness in relation to ethical advertising, compliance and an upsurge in regulation throughout Europe, igaming affiliates are moving to ensure their brands align with these changes. 

Ken Larsen, the Norwegian CEO of Traffic Puma, revealed the main selling point of the Traffic Puma experience is the firm’s ability to tap into fantastic resources that can leverage existing knowledge bases to take advantage of new areas of growth. 

He also stressed that Traffic Puma’s ability to consolidate technology and resources from the existing business ventures of its founders will be the primary advantage of its innovation.

This, combined with the need to encourage users to play wisely and only within the limits of their financial constraints, is a key point of focus – particularly given the industry’s tendency to promote a negative image to some sections of the public. The company has set a challenge to clean up gaming marketing strategies completely, and help players create positive lead online gaming experiences. Responsible gaming is key to the individual and the economy as a whole.  

“Our focus will be on empowering our users to think. We are not here to make money at any cost, and online casinos, Sportsbet sites and review sites that take this seriously will be the winners,” Larsen explains.

It is for this reason that the company has launched it’s latest affiliate site in May 2018 to comply with industry lead change.

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