#TogetherStronger – Our plan to help you get through these challenging times

A quick glance at any news website will paint a grim picture right now. Even on here, we’ve covered so many stories related to COVID-19 in the past week.

This virus has affected us all in some way, shape or form – on both personal levels. And things might seem as though they’ll never end right now, but…

… they will.

This isn’t the first time that affiliate marketing has faced adverse times. Nor will it be the last. Similarly, this isn’t the first time we’ve been threatened by disease as a species and again, it won’t be the last.

Rather than panicking and/or adopting a victim mindset, it’s important to think rationally. What can YOU do to ensure that you come out of the other end stronger?

Make yourself seen and heard

Right now, it’s vital that you get your business online. And we’re going to help you do that, quickly.

We’re selling our exclusive Brand & Sales promotion package for its lowest-ever price. Through this, you’ll get a range of opportunities to boost your online presence. These include the following:

  • A featured editorial about you and your business, to help you build your brand awareness;
  • A directory listing for 12 months, which will not only help you to be seen but also boost your SEO;
  • A plug on social media to help you promote your service or offer;
  • A newsletter placement in Lee-Ann Johnstones weekly news digest.

You will also be added to Lee-Ann’s Facebook group, where you’ll receive access to mentoring and training – in addition to referrals.

All-in-all, this package will help you to be seen by thousands of online gambling business owners, affiliates, affiliate managers, agencies and suppliers.

If you keep one thing in mind today, make sure that it’s this. During tough times, you discover that you’re stronger than you ever imagined. This is a character-building experience for all of us and, as an industry, we’ll be better-than-ever once things are back to normal.

Pivot, don’t panic.

Get more information about our Media Offer by contacting our sales team today. 

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