The story of Twitch: How streaming has taken over and how gambling and gaming affiliates can use this to their advantage

Affiliate Industry Review founder and CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone tells the story of Twitch.
As affiliate marketers in an extremely competitive industry, it is important that we are aware of all of the tools at hand. Twitch is an extremely popular platform that now has more than 15 million daily active users – but how this useful to iGaming affiliates?
Here, we are going to look at the story of Twitch and establish its usefulness in iGaming.
What is Twitch?
Twitch was founded in 2011 and since then has gone on to become very popular in the online gaming world. Users can simply log on and watch their favourite influencers stream video games and even interact with them. Amazon saw the potential in this streaming service in 2014 when they bought it over. As of December 2018, Twitch is one of the highest sources of internet traffic in the USA which is definitely a consideration if you are branching out into the USA.  
How does it work?
On Twitch, users can tune into a live or pre-recorded stream of their favourite video game. This site offers many different genres including popular video games such as Call Of Duty along with online casino games. Using Twitch as a viewer is free, but it is possible to subscribe to a channel for a small cost. Once users have signed up, they can watch a stream, chat with other users or even become broadcasters themselves.
For those who are hoping to make money on Twitch, there is a Twitch Partnership Program which allows the broadcaster to receive a cut of the subscription and advertising revenue. To become a Twitch partner, you’ll need to meet some requirements.
Who is using Twitch in igaming?
Twitch is already providing to be a hit in the iGaming industry with big companies like Ask Gamblers using the streaming service to promote casino brands. Recently, Ask Gamblers wrote an article about a SlotsFighter host who won €3500 on a solo stream at Svenbet Casino. Live on camera, host Annie tried her luck at NextGen slot 300 Shields and managed to come out on top.
With these reputable brands already creating partnerships involving Twitch – I’d say that Twitch is becoming an important tool in iGaming.
How can affiliates use it?
While there are some brands already utilising Twitch in the iGaming industry, it is still relatively new and an innovative marketing tool. As long as your target audience matches the demographic that uses Twitch every day then there is a chance that you will increase your ROI by incorporating Twitch into your marketing strategy. 55% of Twitch users are aged between 18-34 and 81% of Twitch users are male.
There are many creative ways that you can use Twitch as an affiliate including taking a leaf out of Ask Gambler’s book and hosting slot battles where players represent a different casino operator. Otherwise, creating partnerships with popular streamers who stream from a casino you are affiliated with could encourage sign-ups through your affiliate portal and help to increase your ROI.  Influencer marketing is important in the digital landscape.
For those interested in boosting their affiliate portal, Twitch might just be the answer in 2019.

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