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The new Facebook Pages Experience – How it will affect your business page

The new Facebook Pages Experience feature is being rolled out, and brands and affiliate managers need to be aware of how this is going to change their operations on this platform. Let’s take a closer look at some of the changes that are being made here, and what affiliates need to do to keep their engagement up.

The new features

As one of the biggest social media platforms of them all, it is unsurprising to see Facebook reworking aspects of their site. Here are some of the major changes we are seeing with the new Facebook Pages Experience:

  • Easy navigation – improvement in switching between your personal profile and the Pages.
  • New layout – redesigned so it is simpler and more intuitive to use.
  • Updated admin controls – allows Page admins to set full or partial control for new admins.
  • Actionable insights
  • New safety and integrity – designed to cut down on spammy content and impersonator accounts that could lurk around your page.

Getting to grips with these new features is designed to be easy for all users, but affiliates need to ensure that they make the jump quickly so they do not lose too much engagement in the transition.

What can affiliates do?

Affiliates will be able to take advantage of several of the new Facebook Pages Experience features that are going to be appearing here, particularly in the realm of safety and integrity. To continue to build relationships with players, it is vital that an affiliate comes across as a trustworthy voice.

Facebook are therefore committed to expanding the visibility of verified pages. If you are able to get verification for your brand, it will be much easier for you to get noticed online. Comments and posts from verified pages will rank higher on news feeds. It is also great for improving your reputation and trustworthiness as a brand overall.

What can affiliate managers do?

Affiliate managers should look to some of the features that allow for open discussions between themselves and the affiliates under them. The new Facebook Pages Experience allows for the easy and in-depth discussions to open – perfect for affiliate managers to harness to encourage conversation.

Pages are now going to be able to interact with the news feed in an entirely new way. They can join conversations, follow certain trends, and can build connections in an even easier way than before. Likes are also being removed, so the focus can be placed purely on followers. Since followers receive updates from the pages, whereas those who have liked it don’t this is an easier way for you to monitor who is interacting with the page and your posts.

Finally, a new Q&A format should help to drive these conversations and improve the discussions taking place on your page. Driving engagement with these new tools will be key for affiliate managers when monitoring and helping the affiliates under them.

The new Facebook Pages Experience is bringing much change with it, but these changes should be easy for affiliates and affiliate managers alike to master. Find out how they will affect your brand and prepare for the transition today.

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