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The best marketing tools for digital marketing professionals

A team from data analysis company, Unsupervised, has outlined what marketing tools are most used and the best value for money across the internet. Having surveyed 750 US-based marketers, they have put together a full report. The report is very long and detailed so we’re going to break it down here and clue you in on a new player in the ring.

For social media

Keeping track of your social media accounts should be, and is nowadays a full-time job. Marketers are told to expand their platforms and create specific content for each one. Software that can help you manage all your social media accounts in one place is considered invaluable.

The five top tools used to manage social media are, Hootsuite, Buffer, BuzzSumo, HubSpot Social Inbox, and Iconosquare. 30% of marketers said that they would use Hootsuite, as the most popular, with only 5% using Iconosquare. Their premium prices are all fairly low, ranging from $80 to $300, except for Hubspot, which asks for a whopping $3,200 to use their premium features.

For email campaigns

The top five email campaign tools are made up of Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, AWeber, Active Campaign, and Hubspot’s email marketing software. Hubspot makes up for its high premium on the Social Inbox offering here by offering its email campaign tools for free. The lowest premium price amongst the rest is AWeber at $16.15 and the most expensive at $259.

The most popular tool is Campaign Monitor, which has a premium price of $149 and is used by 29% of the surveyed marketers.

For design

For smaller companies, design can be the one thing they don’t have. Imagery takes more talent than the purposefully shoddy camerawork found in video content, and there is a higher bar for it. Design tools have made it easier to make simple graphics for the purpose of marketing.

The top five popular graphic design tools are Canva, Creative Cloud Express, Adobe Colour CC, Kap, and Piktochart. Canva is by far the most popular and recognized, with 34% of marketers using it, however, it has the highest premium price at $30. Kap and Adobe Colour CC have no premium price, and the others come to under $20 so it’s affordable to make sure that your content looks good.


Keeping your SEO up to par is a lot more costly if you want to go premium. The most popular tool is Keywords Everywhere, which only has an $8 premium price, but the rest range from $600 to $3,200.

The following four most popular tools are Hubspot Content Strategy Tool at 28%, Moz, Ahrefs, and Ryte.

For data analytics

There is a clear winner in data analytics, but it comes with a catch. Google Analytics is the most popular option with 49% of marketers using it, but it has a premium price of $12,500. The good news there is that a lot of its features are free.

Behind it is Digital Marketing Tuner, which doesn’t need a premium price, Databox, which is priced at $231, Google Search Console, which is free, and RavenTools, which is $399.

For project management

And if you need somewhere to collect your thoughts and share the workload, there are lots of popular project management tools. HubSpot Projects is the most popular at 31% but also has the most expensive premium price of $3,200. Behind HubSpot Project is ProofHub, at 25% Asana, Airtable, and Trello, which each have a fairly equal split of 15%, 15%, and 12%.

And TikTok is getting on board

If you’re looking to expand your social media marketing into short-form video content, you’re in luck. TikTok has just expanded its integration between a new set of social media management platforms and its Marketing Partners Platform. The eight included platforms are, Brandwatch, Dash Hudson, Emplifi, Hootsuite, Khoros, Later, Sprinklr, and Sprout Social, and integrating them aims to make social media marketing on TikTok a lot easier. Perks include planning and posting TikTok updates while making repurposing content easier so it can be posted across platforms.

As TikTok explained, “Today, we are excited to introduce the TikTok Marketing Partners Program’s inaugural group of badged partners in the Content Marketing specialty. These eight industry leaders – Brandwatch, Dash Hudson, Emplifi, Hootsuite, Khoros, Later, Sprinklr, and Sprout Social – have built innovative solutions that make it easier for brands to publish, manage, and track their content on TikTok, all within the content management tools that brands already use and love. We are excited to connect brands with these trusted partners who can help them lean into and level up their TikTok-first content strategies.”

So, hopefully, you have all the marketing tools you need now to get started on your social media marketing campaign.

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