Sunday delivers innovative racehorse ownership experience

With ever growing digital and virtual experiences being more prominent in the sports betting industry, it’s no wonder we’re seeing new product innovations like Sunday’s brand new interactive horserace owner experience launch. We caught up with Sunday’s founder Darren McGrath to discover the story behind the creation of Sunday’s innovating syndicate race horse ownership platform and their unique gifting experience, designed for sports betting enthusiasts.

About Sunday

Sunday was founded in 2018 by Darren, a racehorse owner and bloodstock investor.  The idea was born from seeing first-hand the limitations of getting into racehorse ownership unless extremely wealthy. Similar to other types of syndicate betting like a lottery, the Sunday product offers punters from any means an opportunity to join and share the real live experience of race horse ownership. Sunday has created their unique customer-first experience app and website, to provide an enhanced and holistic entertainment experience offering real time detailed updates about their horse and exclusive Sunday racing content.

“Sunday is democratising horseracing. We are bringing racehorse ownership to everyone, making it fun affordable and unique by using digital to amplify the experience.”  says Darren McGrath, CEO and Founder, Sunday.

One of Sunday’s first aims is to provide a more interactive platform for horserace owners, to educate them and give them a deeper look inside the racing game and engage with the digital content inside the Sunday app. It’s about the journey of owning a racehorse and, hopefully, a winning one! Customers are given access to exclusive performance data via the app where they will also be able to watch exclusive videos and content of their racehorse. 

Enhancing the digital racing experience

The Sunday App provides customers with all the content and data they need to know how well their horse is training. Its unique tracking device and heart monitor will provide customers with speed and performance data relating to their horse. They will be able to watch their horse working live on the app and afterwards receive data relating to the horse’s stride length, speed, acceleration as well as much more. It’s the first device of its kind in racing so punters can follow the journey of their horse from the stable to the track and see, first hand, how their horse is performing.

Owning a stare in a racehorse

From only £50.00 and no other hidden costs, customers can buy a share in a racehorse of their choice which is valid for 2 years and they get the equivalent share of the winnings from that horse for the next 2 years!  On average a horse races 8 times a year and if their horse is sold during the 2 year period they get their share of the sales value too.

All About Sunday

It’s interesting to see how sports products will innovate customer experiences in 2021 and team Affiliate Industry Review has purchased a share in the  current favourite on the site called Cisco Disco, a winning racehorse who will run on flat and over jumps in 2021. We look forward to seeing you all At The Races!

If you’d like to find out more about the Sunday product visit their website and enjoy the experience for yourself.


This article is sponsored by Affiliate Industry Review’s Random Acts of Kindness campaign for December 2020. 

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