Sports betting challenge ruled out in Montana

A decision made by the Montana Lottery has been overturned by a judge in this state. The previous decision had stated that sports betting was only legal in establishments which had alcohol licenses. However, the judge has decided that this is not the case at all.

Legal sports betting

Sports betting was first legalised back in 2019 in this state and since then, the Montana Lottery has acted as the regulator. Their previous decision to ban businesses without alcohol licenses from offering the vertical was not well received.

A lawsuit was filed by Attorney Lyndon Scheveck through Artete Group, noting that he intended on opening a business that offered sports betting.

Montana Lottery won’t challenge the ruling

Judge Kathy Seeley recently ruled that the Montana Lottery did not act lawfully by making this rule. This meant that the case went in favour of Scheveck.

Now, the Montana Lottery has decided that it will not appeal the decision. Jennifer McKee, Lottery spokeswoman said: “Removing one section of just one part of our licensing requirements doesn’t meaningfully disrupt the entire foundation.”

This decision now means that sports betting businesses will have one less obstacle in Montana. It is likely that we will see more opportunities coming from this state over the coming year.

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