Sports betting beckons for

Digital marketing providers has announced a £2m purchase of and related assets, which is set to see the firm make the move into sports betting.

Also encompassing the and websites, the ”forceful move into the sports betting vertical” also comes with 76 sports betting and casino related domain names, including premium undeveloped domains such as and details that upfront payment “was paid as a cash consideration in conjunction with the transfer of the assets, it also comes with a deferred compensation of £4.5m payable over a period of one year.

Regarding its Q4 2017 performance highlights sales of over £600,000 generated by the acquired assets, while the group expects to operate the with a pre-tax profit margin of more than 80% going forward.

Charles Gillespie, Group Plc Chief Executive, says: “This is both the largest and most exciting acquisition we have done since we began acquiring in 2017. These websites perfectly complement our existing portfolio in terms of both increasing our sports betting market share and continuing with our focus on big brands and big domains.”

Before sharing a brief view on the upcoming United States Supreme Court decision on the Christie V NCAA case: “Should Governor Chris Christie triumph at the Supreme Court and strike down the federal ban on sports-betting, Group stands ready with the strongest domain portfolio of any performance marketing company for the American sports betting market.”


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