Signs that you need to recruit more affiliates

When you are running an affiliate program, it can be easy to get comfortable with the affiliates that you have. Of course, if your affiliates are delivering and are engaged then there is no problem with being comfortable but if this isn’t the case – you might need to make some changes.

Recruiting new affiliates to your program has tons of benefits including the fact that they can offer new ideas, reach alternative audiences and deliver sales. Below, we thought we’d discuss some of the signs that you need to recruit new affiliates.

Your sales aren’t where they should be

Are you meeting your targets each month? Even if your existing affiliates are meeting their own individual targets, you could find that your program isn’t quite hitting the mark overall. This doesn’t always mean that your existing affiliates aren’t doing their job properly – it might just mean that you need to expand.

If you have huge growth goals in 2021 then affiliate recruitment is a key part of achieving this. Without more affiliates on board, you won’t be able to achieve these results – it really is that simple.

You want to reach new audiences

Another sign that you might need to recruit more affiliates stems from the audience that you are targeting in your program. When you first started onboarding affiliates, you may have had a particular audience in mind, but affiliate programs grow and change – so why shouldn’t your affiliates?

You don’t need to remove any existing affiliates from your program to reach new audiences – you just need to make sure that you are recruiting in the right places. Could you benefit from adding some social media affiliates to your program? Don’t be afraid to branch out to grow your program over the coming year.

Your current affiliates aren’t engaged

Finally, if you have recently found that your affiliates aren’t as engaged as you would like them to be, you might need to think more carefully about recruitment. By spending time recruiting new affiliates who are keen to join your program, you can start to increase engagement and a community that works well together.

Of course, it is important to remember that engagement being low isn’t always down to the affiliates themselves. As an affiliate manager, you also need to be a motivator – something that Lee-Ann discussed in a recent episode of Affiliate Drive Time. So, if you aren’t motivating your affiliates and engaging with them on a regular basis – you can’t really blame them for a lack of engagement.

However, it doesn’t hurt to recruit some more affiliates who appear to be engaged from the get-go to add a bit of life back into your program.

Be smart with recruitment

If you have decided that you need to proceed with affiliate recruitment, you need to make sure that you are smart. Promote your brand online, try out social selling techniques and you’ll be sure to find some fresh affiliates that can help you to grow your program.

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