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Seven Star Digital launches new Irish casino comparison site

Seven Star Digital recently launched, a new casino aggregator site.

Following the launch, we sat down with the company’s Head of CommercialFreddie Smith – to discuss the launch, why he sees Ireland as an important market and how Seven Star Digital are planning to stand out from the crowd in an already-competitive market.

Affiliate Industry Review: Could you tell us about yourself and your current role in your organisation?

Freddie Smith: “I’m Freddie Smith, Head of Commercial here at Seven Star Digital. I’ve been with the company for close to four years now – how time flies!

“My main responsibility is ensuring we’re meeting the needs of both our visitors and partners, while also keeping the business growing. Day-to-day activities are broad and touch on a lot of areas of the business, including brand strategy, product and site development, as well as data analysis and interpretation.”

AI: Could you give us a brief breakdown of which markets and verticals Seven Star Digital operates in?

FS: “In simple terms, we’re an online gambling comparison company. We work across a number of verticals within the iGaming industry, offering consumers brands across the world to help them select the right operator, whether it be online casino, sports betting, bingo, lottery, poker or esports.

“We launched our first site in the UK in 2016 and have since launched in over 10 countries, with Ireland being the latest.”

AI: Why have you chosen to enter the Irish market at this moment in time?

FS: “Overseas expansion has always been a key goal of ours. With the success of our UK-based brands and initial overseas expansion in other locations, we feel we now have the significant experience and resources to hit the ground running in Ireland and become a major player in the market.”

AI: Why is Ireland such an important market for Seven Star Digital?

FS: “We have a number of key strategic markets but there’s many reasons for Ireland being such an important expansion opportunity for us. Geographically it neighbours the UK, so consumer behaviours and interests are very similar and of course there is no language barrier.

“We’re confident that the good work we’ve done in the UK to date can translate over the border so we’re able to connect consumers with the best online casinos Ireland has to offer.”

AI: What will bring to the Irish market and how will it differentiate itself from the competition?

FS: “We maintain the belief that gambling sites can always be better. There’s always room for improvement and the opportunity to enhance the consumer’s experience – nothing is static.

“We have a great team here who know what it takes to run a successful iGaming affiliate site, and with our detailed knowledge of the space, refined skills and top tech, we believe to have the right recipe to succeed.

“We’ll be putting significant investment into content, PR and product to reflect consumer needs and nuances, which will enable us to provide consumers with one of the best Irish casino sites.”

AI: How do you see the Irish market evolving in the medium-to-long-term?

FS: “2020 certainly has been an unconventional year, and the full impact of COVID-19 within the gambling industry and the economy as a whole is yet to be fully understood. However, we remain optimistic when looking at the bigger picture, and envisage the gambling sector within Ireland to continue its steady growth over the next few years, and feel the same can be said for player value too.”

AI: Does Seven Star Digital have any plans to launch any sport-related brands in Ireland?

FS: “Yes. We’re very excited about the upcoming Irish launch of one of our leading and most exciting brands, We’re thrilled with its development and can’t wait to bring it to the Irish market to inform and help a sports hungry nation gamble responsibly, with an operator they can trust.”

AI: What challenges did you face launching a new site during a global pandemic?

FS: “It’s been a challenging year for everyone, and like most, we’ve had to adjust to working through lockdowns and the shift to working from home.

“We’re fortunate to be operating in an industry where we have the luxury of being able to work largely unimpeded, so long as we have a laptop and working internet. Launching a new site remotely meant communication was critical with an extra emphasis on project management and delivery, but I think the team handled it well and I’m pleased to say we launched on time.”

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