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Safe Affiliate Programs – A Q&A

Affiliate Industry Review sat down with Ellen Learmonth of Safe Affiliate Programs to discuss their purpose, and the benefits an affiliate can get through working through them.

Knowing the brands you are working with is so important, especially as an iGaming affiliate – what role does Safe Affiliate Programs play in this?

All programs listed at Safe Affiliate Programs have a history of relations on and off the affiliate marketing circuit.  We are long-termers in the space, this means we can truly recommend one another to affiliates. We share our commitment to professional affiliate relationships and can even offer mediation between programs for affiliates if necessary.

Tell us a little bit about the brands Safe Affiliate Programs has partnered with and the qualities that gives them the seal of approval from you?

Safe Affiliate Programs has its roots in co-hosted affiliate dinners by a couple of our listed programs. The circle grew by a few programs and we decided co-hosting events is fun for all and has the benefit that our affiliates would not have to make a choice between several invites. With Safe Affiliate Programs we gave the circle of programs an official space. So it is not so much allowing other programs to join our platform but becoming a friend and sharing our values of honesty, integrity and commitment.

What benefits can affiliates get from the advice offered by Safe Affiliate Programs?

We do not offer advice. We offer genuine partnerships with programs affiliates can trust. We offer honest communication and transparent relationships to the benefit of affiliates. We offer shared values and a one stop hub for cross-program information. On top of that we offer a whole lot of fun at dinners, official and private events.

Safe Affiliate Programs officially launched at the iGB Affiliate London conference back in 2020 – what are you looking to get out of this event in 2022?

We are looking forward to re-kindling our relationship with affiliates and remind everyone about Safe Affiliate Programs. We are hosting an invites only dinner at the same place we had our official launch party in 2020 and expect it to be a reminder to everyone of all that is good about our circle of friends at Safe Affiliate Programs.

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