Rightlander Spain Compliance Report

Rightlander provides support to Spanish iGaming operators

Affiliate compliance specialist Rightlander has announced the launch of ‘Fast Start Spain’, in response to the Spanish government’s new Covid-19 measures for online gambling. 

The report will allow operators to which affiliates are and are not complying with regulations. 

An emergency blackout on iGaming ads, with limited exceptions, came into force on 3rd April 2020. 

“A sudden big impact” 

Through ‘Fast Track Spain’, operators will be able to identify which affiliates are exploiting the current crisis. They will be able to see who is using illness, debt and so on to lure people in. Moreover, the report identifies which sites are using ‘life-changing’ keywords – related to things such as getting rich quick and so on. 

Rightlander Founder Ian Sims spoke about the launch of this new product, with his words being as follows. 

“Judging from the influx of requests we’ve received this announcement made a sudden and big impact. Rightlander is ideally positioned to make these sorts of snap decisions as we already have a substantial database of Spanish language affiliate sites that we scan regularly, although, until now that has mainly been for affiliate links to non-ES domains, as per the local regulator’s guidelines.”

Gambling-related restrictions in Spain 

As one of the pandemic’s hardest-hit countries, Spain’s government has brought in various restrictions for gambling advertising. 

Lottery sales have been suspended until further notice, both on and offline. Meanwhile, strict advertising measures have also been implemented. 

Operators are only allowed to advertise between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., which was also included in long-term regulations set to come into play later this year.

All digital communications are banned. This includes both email correspondences and advertising on social media.  

In addition to the above, all references to the pandemic are prohibited. The same goes for portraying gambling as a means to tackle boredom during social isolation.

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