Rightlander launches two innovative new marketing features

Affiliate compliance platform Rightlander has launched two news products to help operators take their affiliate marketing activity to the next level, including a smart PPC Brand Bidding module.

Rightlander’s PPC Brand Bidding tool regularly scans Google Ads and monitors PPC activity relating to specific predefined keywords, including an operator’s brand name and other key terms.

Data is collected at various times throughout each 24-hour period, capturing information that relates to time-sensitive PPC campaigns including Ads that are day-parted. This provides operators with a host of benefits, including identifying which affiliates are bidding for restricted brand keywords.

The PPC Brand Bidding tool works within most Google jurisdictions and uses localised versions of the search engine (.co.uk, .com, .se, .dk, etc), capturing all PPC information including ad title, description, the position on the page and the URL traffic is sent to. It also conducts multiple runs at random times, and goes several pages deep on Google Search, to ensure it captures the majority of ads over time, including those that rotate or a run outside of office hours.

In addition, Rightlander has expanded the scale and scope of its affiliate landing page tracker with its new Multi-Geo Affiliate Compliance Tracking tool, so that it now scans websites across multiple geographies.  

The tool alerts operators to where potentially non-compliant text is being used on pages that link to their brand(s), as well as customised reports that allow operators to scan for old bonuses and evidence of terms and conditions.

The marketing tool also creates a list of sites where operator brands are mentioned or linked to in each jurisdiction they are active, including sites they may not be aware of.

Ian Sims, Founder of Rightlander, said: “Since launching Rightlander at the start of the year, we have seen a huge number of tier one operators embrace the technology as they look to improve affiliate compliance.

“With our PPC Brand Bidding module and Multi-Geo Affiliate Compliance Tracking tool, operators can now take this to the next level and extract maximum value from their affiliate partners, while ensuring they play by the rules.”

Rightlander has signed up a raft of tier one operator partners including GVC, LeoVegas, bgo, Alea, Genting, Kindred Group, Videoslots, Gaming Realms and Red Queen.  

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