Safer Gambling Week 2020

Responsible Gambling Week to be rebranded as Safer Gambling Week

From 2020 onwards, Responsible Gambling Week in the UK will be rebranded as ‘Safer Gambling Week’

The ‘let’s talk about safer gambling’ tagline will stay the same, with the intention of encouraging conversations between businesses, staff, customers and family. 

This year’s event will commence on 19th November, running through until its conclusion date on the 25th.

The rebrand aims to highlight the initiative’s evolution since it was first introduced in 2017. 

More awareness for responsible gambling 

Safer Gambling Week is supported by both the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) and UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The British Amusement Catering Trade Association (BACTA) is also a part of it. 

BGC Chief Executive Michael Dugher shared his thoughts on both the upcoming campaign and last year’s one. 

“Safer Gambling Week is a fantastic initiative which the BGC are proud to play a leading role in.

“This awareness campaign is now in its fourth year and it has achieved a significant increase in engagement at all levels on the tools and support available to customers.  

“We achieved over 25 million impressions on social media in 2019, setting a new benchmark for the campaign, which demonstrates the breadth and reach of the campaign.”

Collateral to be created and distributed

This year’s campaign will see a number of assets created, each carrying a responsible gambling message. These will range from leaflets to social media content, online banners and contact cards. 

The following six messages will be portrayed in some way, shape or form. 


  • Ask yourself…  have you carried on past your spending limit?
  • Just a heads up… it’s good to set yourself limits.
  • Just a heads up…  it’s easy to lose track of time when gambling.
  • Play smart… know when to stop. 
  • Remember… friends and family are more important than gambling. 
  • Remember… gambling is not a way to make money. 


Bingo Association Chief Executive Miles Baron also spoke about the importance of Safer Gambling Week in promoting player protection. He said the following. 

“Safer Gambling Week is an important part of the bingo industry’s commitment to social responsibility and provides a useful focal point for highlighting activity and support that is available throughout the year.   

“As businesses with venues, the sector recognises the important opportunity we have to promote safer gambling messages and engage directly with customers.”

BACTA Chief Executive John White also discussed the initiative. 

“Safer Gambling Week allows BACTA members to highlight their year-long commitment to safer gambling, the safer gambling tools available to customers and the quality of the staff that engage with our customers on a daily basis.”

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