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Recruitment tips for affiliate program managers in 2021

Every affiliate program manager thinks that their program is the best and so it can be easy to think that affiliate recruitment will be easy when you have a great program. The truth is that there are hundreds of affiliate programs out there in the iGaming industry and so standing out can be tricky.

As an affiliate manager, you need to showcase your program to potential affiliates and prove why yours is the best. If you can’t do this, recruitment will be tricky. Here are some of our best recruitment tips for affiliate program managers in 2021.

Understand who you want

Before you start your recruitment drive, you need to understand who your ideal affiliate is. If you already have a large bank of affiliates, you should consider looking for someone who offers something different. Diversifying your affiliates should be a priority and the recruitment stage is the perfect time to achieve this.

The best affiliates are those who are willing to work with you and learn more about your industry. They need to be interested in what you have to offer and be willing to work with you. Once you know who you want, you can go about finding them.

Spread the word

One mistake that affiliate program managers make when recruiting for their program is to simply recruit on-site. Yes, your affiliate recruitment landing page might include valuable information and be optimised for SEO but is it getting any traffic?

In iGaming, there are so many affiliate programs to choose from so you need to spread the word. Luckily, there are great publications that you can use to release PRs and advertise your program and offers. With carefully chosen placements, you can spread the word and speed up recruitment.

Try virtual networking

In the past, networking at top iGaming industry events was one of the main sources for managers to recruit new affiliates. Of course, in 2021, events are still limited, and many have given up on this form of networking.

However, there are still events happening digitally and you need to get involved. Many of the biggest events have gone online over the past year and this is expected to continue throughout the first half of 2021. Attend these events, speak on panels and try out new channels like Clubhouse to find those affiliates.

Work on your social profile

You may have already seen some of our articles on the importance of working on your social profile but if you haven’t – you better check these out. As an affiliate manager, your social profile can prove extremely valuable when it comes to recruiting new affiliates and stay in contact with them.

LinkedIn should be your main channel as a manager in iGaming but that doesn’t mean that Facebook and other popular channels aren’t worth your time. Showcase your program, create some personalised outreach messages and really put some thought into how you recruit via social media. Social selling is set to be big this year so don’t miss out.

Get recruiting now

The iGaming industry is booming but affiliate recruiting is still as important as ever. As new programs pop up, you need to show that yours is still the best option for both experienced and new affiliates. Put some of our recruitment tips to good use and you should find the perfect affiliates to help your program grow in 2021.

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