Pivot, don’t panic – join our Covid-19 affiliate marketing chat

We can’t hide away from the fact that these are difficult times for the online gambling industry. The changes to economy and self isolation is going to have an impact on affiliate marketing but we don’t yet know exactly how. In addition to many sportsbooks missing out on revenue, from cancelled events has through people into a but of a panic.

The entire Covid-19 situation is draining everyone, full stop.

But it’s during tough times that we become stronger, we innovate, we change the way we do things, and we think about what is needed and get it done.

That’s why we’re sharing a simple message with you to pivot, don’t panic. It’s also why we’re inviting you to a live call with our CEO,  Lee-Ann Johnstone on 30th March, at 3 p.m. GMT.

Why should you join? 

In this call, Lee-Ann – along with some of her other experienced industry friends – will be speaking openly about how coronavirus may affect your affiliate marketing strategy and business revenue over the next few months. But more importantly, you’re also going to find out how you can stop the panic and sustain your income during these quieter periods.

You’re probably working from home right now, too. But do you have an effective system in place for managing this?  You might also be homeschooling your children at the same time as trying to hold down a full time job. We’re going to discuss all of that as well. Other areas that will be talked about include PPC, SEO insights and Media pricing and how this might change the way we look at affiliate marketing in the digital mix.

We’re not just inviting you to sit and say nothing… 

… We want this to be an open discussion, you’ll have a chance to talk with real life industry experts who are willing to share their thoughts, insights and recommendations. We want to  encourage you to contribute, because the best way to ensure that we exit this situation stronger is through togetherness.

Pivot – don’t panic 

Depending on how long you’ve been in affiliate marketing, you may remember what happened in 2006. In the US, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act had a huge impact on the industry… some said that it would be the end of iGaming industry and the change happened literally overnight.

Fast forward to 2020 and you’ll realise that wasn’t the case. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. How you choose to react to this latest challenge will determine where you stand once the pandemic passes. Because here’s the thing – it will pass.

This isn’t the first time iGaming or affiliate marketing have been slapped in the face with adversity. Nor will it be the last. But what makes us so unique is that we’re capable of amazing innovation during trying periods and that’s exactly what we’ll discussing – TOGETHER.

You can register for the discussion here.

See you next week!

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