Our top podcasts and videos of 2019

So, we’ve reached the end of 2019. Another year gone, another decade closing. And for affiliates in the iGaming industry, there’s a lot to look back on and digest.

But it’s also important that we learn from 2019’s ongoings to build a bigger, better industry in 2020. Let’s revisit three of our most important podcasts and videos over the course of this year, so you can do just that.

The Three Questions Podcast: Kim Mouridsen, Mindway AI

Social responsibility was a major talking point throughout iGaming in 2019. And it’s not just operators that need to get in on the act – affiliates are also an important part of the jigsaw.

As part of the growing importance of player protection, we’ve seen numerous innovative tools enter the industry. For example, Kim Mouridsen has combined artificial intelligence with neuroscience to develop Mindway AI.

Mouridsen is a Professor in Neuroscience at Aarhus University, one of the leading universities in Denmark. So, he’s got the necessary knowledge to make this tool a success. Through Mindway AI, potential problem gamblers can be discovered before issues grow. Kim talked to us in depth about the technology – listen below.

Affiliate Drive Time: Tips to reactivate your longtail relationships

It’s probable that you’ll run into periods of low activity on your affiliate program. After building up initial momentum, you may find that not as many affiliates are signing up.

That’s when you should take some time out and look at your longtail. After doing this, you can identify where opportunities exist and next steps you should take.

In this episode of Affiliate Drive Time, Lee-Ann Johnstone offers advice on how to maximise this area of affiliate marketing. There’s also a free checklist for you in the video description.

Workshop iGB Live!: What makes a great affiliate strategy? 

At iGB Live! in Amsterdam, Lee-Ann Johnstone spoke in depth about the fundamentals of a great affiliate strategy. She shared three main areas to focus on when planning your affiliate programme strategy, along with speaking about how to build a successful affiliate program launch. She also discusses the importance of patience when launching a programme from the start and when you should expect to see results, as you’ll find out by watching the video below.

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