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Odyssey launches Odyssey Partnerships affiliate platform

Amsterdam-based marketing solutions company Odyssey has launched Odyssey Partnerships, an attribution-oriented affiliate platform.

The platform will enable advertisers to reward publishers accordingly for their contributions during the customer journey.

Odyssey Partnerships has been launched in collaboration with Decathlon NL, which is the Dutch branch of the multinational sporting retailer founded in France.

“We believe affiliate marketing is based on multi-touch attribution” 

In its press release, Odyssey said the following about the launch of its Odyssey Partnerships platform.

“With Odyssey Partnerships, advertisers can finally step away from legacy last-click crediting models and reward all touchpoints in the customer journey.

“Odyssey Partnerships uses multi-touch attribution data from Odyssey Attribution to determine the incremental value of a publisher.

“As a result, advertisers can fully understand, interpret and trust their performance data, ensuring publishers are rewarded more fairly for their work as opposed to the last click winning all credit.”

Jesper Elders, Online Marketing Manager for Decathlon NL, spoke about the new joint-venture. His words were as follows.

“We have been working with Odyssey Attribution and the Odyssey team closely for more than two years now.

“During the pilot of Odyssey Partnerships, we found value in the usage of the tool that allows us to allocate commissions to sport publishers based on multi touch attribution, which we haven’t found anywhere else yet.

“At Decathlon NL we believe that affiliate marketing based on multi-touch attribution, like Odyssey Partnerships does, is the only way forward.”

What is attribution modelling and why is it important for profit margins? 

Attribution modelling determines how the credit for each sale and conversion should be allocated. This is based on various touchpoint across the various touchpoint in a consumer’s online journey.

Attribution models can take various different forms. Some give all of the credit to either the direct channel for a sale, whereas others do the same but for the first interaction. Others, on the other hand, split the credit between all of the touchpoint in a customer journey.

Attribution modelling is important for publishers’ profit margins because it helps them to move away from just being awarded a fixed fee when they partner with big brands. Instead, what they earn is a fair reflection on their overall performance – as opposed to just being paid for a click.

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