Your Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Video Resources

Welcome back to 2020. Are you looking forward to growing your affiliate programme, meeting new partners and attending loads of new events? I know I am!

It’s a new year and time to focus on implementing positive change. This week I thought I’d share some of the most watched video resources I shared over the past year.  These are the ones you all really resonated with, and they’re a great selection too! They’re also timeless, and can still be used in the first few weeks of 2020 to scale and grow your affiliate programme in a few quick steps. You can view them all individually by clicking on the links to watch and read the blog recaps that went with each of them below.

Your Top 5 viewed  #AffiliateDriveTime Videos:

1) Creating new affiliate campaigns (Week 17)

Here I talk about 3 key things that you need to do when you launch and run a new affiliate campaign. If you know me, you know I like to keep things simple. The 3 rules you need to keep in the back of your mind when starting out with a new affiliate are: Keeping it real , keeping it simple, and keeping it going. These are the simple key metrics I use to review and revise campaigns when launching commercials with new affiliate partners and evaluating their traffic for partner brands.

2) Optimising the affiliate long tail (Week 41)

Here I talk about the opportunities you may be missing in your affiliate long tail. There is a lot of value that you might be missing out on if you ignore the partners that are quietly sitting in your long tail database. So make sure you are looking at this regularly and mining for new opportunities to grow your affiliate program.

3) The Fibonacci Affiliate Programme Growth Sequence (Week 32)

The Fibonacci sequence is found in nature but believe it or not it’s also in affiliate marketing. Often I’m asked why an affiliate programme grows so slowly in the first few months but then ramps up fast after about month 6-9. Here I explain why this occurs and why you need to have a little patience in the beginning when you first launch.

4) Getting your commercials right (Week 14)

Understanding exactly how to negotiate commercials for affiliate traffic is key to ensuring your affiliate programme is profitable. Listening instead of talking is one of the key things I teach in my courses. When you listen to sell you can negotiate better and you can understand gaps in services. These ideas could help you negotiate better commercial deals for affiliate traffic.

5) Planning your programme launch (Week 6)

There are 5 forces to creating a successful marketing plan to promote your affiliate programme. All 5 marketing forces are described in this weeks episode of Affiliate Drive Time along with the importance of why you should be planning to market your programme after you launch it.

I hope you have found this recap of my year of affiliate marketing tips useful, watch out for the final 2 episodes coming in January!


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