3 top tips for making #BOFCON week a networking success

Next week sees the start of one of the sports betting industries biggest event weeks, with our own Digital Marketing Forum taking place alongside Betting on Football, the PaymentExpert Forum and a host of other conference tracks designed to help business growth.
Affiliate Industry Review will be exhibiting this year (Stand 24) because, like a host of other companies attending, we are looking to meet new operators, affiliates, agencies, suppliers and any other business partners to explore exactly how we can help add value or assist them with affiliate marketing for their business. If you want to meet, get in touch to follow Tip 1 below.
The thing about exhibiting at an event is that you end up being stationary on your own stand and you don’t really get to mingle in the event yourself. Big events can also be really hard for those that are usually a bit shy and find small talk difficult. This industry is built on relationships and relationships start with conversations.
Having been to hundreds of events in the gaming industry I thought I’d share some of my top networking tips to help you get started and hopefully get you meeting loads of new contacts, and doing great new business too:

1. Do your research – SBC’s got a great app to help with this!

The SBC Connect app is a great way to reach out to people before the event starts and begin to make connections virtually. It’s also a way to let others know you’ll be attending the event and scope out what sessions would be useful and how best to manage your time. Believe me two days can go by really quick when you are having fun!

2. Set up appointments with a clear place and time to meet

There are throngs of people milling around in various locations at this event. To really maximise your time and ensure you meet the right people, you have to set up a place and time to meet, otherwise you might not find each other. Try a conference room exit to start with if you don’t have a dedicated stand space to meet at. (Our Digital Marketing Forum runs in the Tambling Suite on the first floor – it’s as good a place as any to meet!)

3. Connect, learn and do the hard selling later

You might not secure a big deal right there on the showroom floor, so focus instead on meeting some new people. The easiest way to start a conversation is to say ‘hello’. Maybe spend some time and look at the conference agenda, the sessions may have the people you want to meet sitting in them. Come to the networking sessions in the evening, you may meet some more contacts in a more relaxed environment.
In a nutshell: to make the most of a conference of this size and stature, you need to reach out and get connected. We’ve been in the industry a long time and we know quite a few people, so if you get lost or stuck, make your way to Stand 24 and come say a quick HELLO to us. We’ll help you get going in the right direction and you can stop for a drink to take a load off for a few minutes with our awesome team!
See you there, and if you haven’t yet got your conference ticket and don’t want to miss out simply REGISTER today , there’s still time to get a ticket.

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