Latest UK gambling tax statistics reveal steady growth

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) shared its latest UK Betting & Gaming Statistics report last week, which revealed the government’s takings in the six months up to September 30th. 

There weren’t drastic changes to the overall figure. Compared to the same time period last year, overall tax revenue totalled to £143 billion. This was a 0.5% increase. 

Remote Gaming duty rises

However, the shifts within different verticals were sizeable. After Remote Gaming Duty rose online casino tax from 15% to 21% from 1st April onwards, revenue in this category went up to 22.7%. In the same time period last year, this figure was 18.1%. RGD brought in a total of £332.4 million, which was a 26% annual increase; the same time period last year brought in £263.9m. 

The above covered the losses that stemmed from the forced lowering in fixed-odds betting terminals’ minimum stakes, within brick-and-mortar UK betting outlets. Machine Gaming Duty brought in £270.3m, which was 24.2% less than between April and September 2018. 

A Busier Sporting calendar

The sports calendar was busier in the three months up to the end of September, providing online sports betting operators with casino cross-selling opportunities. During this timescale, RGD increased by 47.4% — £63.4m extra in total. MGD, on the other hand, went down by £61.1m — a tumble of one-third. 

There was neither a Football World Cup, nor European Championships this summer. Therefore, General Betting Duty’s decrease is perhaps unsurprising. Online and fixed-odds GBD decreased 11% YoY in 2018’s six-month period, with £274.3m coming in from this area. 

Much of HMRC’s gambling tax revenue once again came from Lottery Duty. There was a record incoming of £90.7m in September, which HMRC believes came from a larger rollover prize being offered. Overall this vertical brought in almost 16% more than last year — more than £471m. 

The industry is still showing signs of growth and this is good news for affiliates and operators alike.

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