Kick off the New Year with a bang by analysing your affiliate program

It’s a new year and a new decade. And most of all, it’s Wednesday. You know what that means – it’s time for another episode of #AffiliateDriveTime.

And since 2020 is still young, now is a great time to analyse your affiliate program and determine areas in which you can improve. This week, Lee-Ann Johnstone discusses three things you can do to make this year your best yet.

Look at what’s worked and what hasn’t

A big part of affiliate marketing is trial and error. Where some of your efforts will be successful, others naturally won’t be. Before you start brainstorming new actions and the like, you should sit down and assess your past results.

Look at what your data has to say. Have certain types of promotions, for example, worked better than others?

Ask affiliates that you’ve worked with if anything has changed, too. Player trends change over time and with that, so do their demands. This will give you a better-rounded picture and help to determine where you should focus your energy on going forward.

Reconsider your on-boarding process

You need to consider the first steps when affiliates join your program. Think about whenever you’ve needed to set up a new piece of furniture or washing machine. How frustrating is it when everything is made so complicated? There’s a reason that IKEA is still popular to this day!

It’s imperative that you give affiliates everything they need to get started as soon as possible. You could, as an example, send a PDF on how to set themselves up once they’ve joined. We discuss the on-boarding process in more detail here.

Re-engage with inactive affiliates

Sometimes, you don’t need to try reaching far-and-wide to attract more business. The answer can be closer to home – i.e. in your existing network.

Find out who’s in your affiliate program, but inactive. Discover whether or not they’re still an affiliate, if they’ve got new websites and so on.

Lee-Ann discusses all of these points in more detail below. Want more insightful content related to affiliate marketing? Subscribe to our channel and click the bell button so that you’re notified when we release something new.

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