Kenya issues fresh crack down on gambling advertising

Gambling operators across Kenya are facing new stringent limitations on their ability to promote their products, in the most recent crackdown on the gambling industry by the country’s government.
Kenya’s Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) has warned operators that it is planning to limit licensees’ ability to market gambling products, which is set to impact advertising via  traditional broadcast outlets, billboards or social media.
The Government’s new limitations, which are set to come into play later this month, will ban operators from utilising affiliate marketing strategies, including the employment of celebrities to endorse a gambling site.
The restrictions will also prevent gambling advertisements from appearing on television between the hours of 6am to 10pm. The display of promotions outdoors will be strictly prohibited, in addition to a blanket ban on social media promotions.
All gambling ads shown by broadcast or print will be obliged to dedicate a third of the total ad space to responsible gambling messages. Ads will need to gain the approval of the BCLB to ensure that it falls in line with the new restrictions.
BCLB acting director Liti Wambua has claimed that the regulator “has a duty to protect its BCLcustomers, members of the public, the young and vulnerable” from addiction “as well as some disorder.”

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