SBC Digital Summit

Have you got your ticket for next week’s SBC Digital Summit yet?

We’re keeping it moving with the digital iGaming networking events and, next week, will be at the SBC Barcelona Digital Summit.

Affiliate marketing veteran, as well as our CEO and Founder Lee-Ann Johnstone, is one of the names that will be present. She will be hosting a workshop titled: ‘Amplify Your Affiliate Program Performance in 5 Simple Steps’.

Prior to the summit, she spoke to us about what you can expect from the session and how it can help to address mistakes that you may be making.

Affiliate Industry Review: A lot is said about what new affiliate managers miss out on and the mistakes they make, as they tend to have to learn through trial and error on the job.
What are the most common things that affiliate managers ask to learn more about in the Affiliate Marketing Performance Program (AMPP)?  

Lee-Ann Johnstone: “Yes, it’s true – to do this job you have to keep learning every day on the job, and this. means learning thorugh trial and. error. To build a successful career in affiliate marketing, it takes time to learn and gain experience.

“The AMPP is a program that helps affiliates fast-track this learning, because it’s offered by someone who has had years of experience doing this job across multiple verticals. The core things I’m always asked about for help are always related to campaign optimisation and relationship management.

“Dealing with conflict, as well as how to authentically sell program USPs and recruit new affiliate partners also come up. Admittedly, these are some of the hardest parts of the job. Practical insight, coupled with learning how to negotiate confidently, helps managers to take control of their performance. That’s what is really special about what we offer in the AMPP. It’s about learning and taking accountability to deliver results, change processes and improve performance – regardless of the vertical you’re working in.”

AI: What are the most important things that affiliate managers should consider when they analyse the data in their program? What are common mistakes that they make in relation to this? 

LJ: “It takes years to master learning how to run an affiliate program with efficiency. Every decision you make  affects your bottom line and affiliate programs are often run in silo to the rest of your marketing activity. This makes it harder to manage.

“Understanding how VIP and paid media budgets impact your program margins is a key part of your optimisation strategy and will impact the way you remunerate and select affiliate partners to work with during certain times of the year and during certain events. We run through program segmentation, as well as affiliate program lifecycles and how to run and perform a min-audit. This ensures that affiliate managers take their time to optimise delivery, in conjunction with finding new partners to work with.

“The key thing about AMPP is that it’s totally affordable (I’ve made it affordable for a reason – because I want everyone to access experienced coaching so that we can improve the industry performance and continue to allow it to grow and thrive) . It’s just £150 per person, per month. The program runs for 12 weeks (three months) and cohorts can be run open or closed.”

About Lee-Ann’s SBC Digital Summit workshop

Lee-Ann’s workshop will begin on Friday, 11th September at 10:30am CEST. It will run through until approximately midday.

If you haven’t already, you can register for the SBC Digital Summit here. It’s free to attend and will take place from Tuesday until Friday next week.

As for the workshop itself, you can also bookmark it in your calendar to ensure that you remember when it’s about to begin.

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