Johannes Nordholm, Voonix: "Digital Marketing Forum delegates will be able to see and try our software"

Ahead of next week’s Digital Marketing Forum, we catch up with Johannes Nordholm, Business Development Manager at Voonix – an affiliate tracking platform that will be sponsoring the event. Nordholm outlines what the firm brings to the affiliate space, while also detailing what he hopes to gain from next week’s event.
Affiliate Industry Review: Can you begin by introducing Voonix and explaining what the company brings to the affiliate space.
Johannes Nordholm: Voonix was founded back in 2017 and our vision is to make life easier and transparent for affiliates. Since the founders have been affiliates themselves for a decade, the gap in the market was quite obvious. Voonix found a development partner in Raketech and launched its first version in Q1 2018.
AI: Tell us a little bit more about the software that underpins Voonix.
JN: The Voonix software collects all the affiliates’ stats from the different operator affiliate systems and thereby gives a fast and smooth overview of the affiliates, typical BI point (Clicks, signups, FTD, Earnings etc). Furthermore we have added different modules enabling the affiliates to have an in-depth overview of their business.
AI: You work with a number of igaming affiliate sites. How do you adapt your business model to a market that is placing an ever-increasing emphasis on compliance?
JN: Since we have nothing to do with the affiliates website, choice of marketing source, etc, we are more or less out of that discussion. Our focus is on collecting data and giving affiliates transparency. We work with some of the biggest affiliate companies in the world, so our focus is solely on protecting the affiliates’ data and our own data-security and compliance is state-of-the-art.
AI: What do you hope to gain from sponsoring the Digital Marketing Forum? And what can delegates gain from the event?
JN: We are very excited about sponsoring DMF. Our goal is to market our product and reach more UK and sports betting affiliates. Delegates will be able to see and try our software. Since we do a lot of customisation and development for our clients, we are more than open to discussions, integrations etc. During the event we are also looking for new affiliate programs, operators and third parties interested in integrating their API into Voonix.
AI: And looking ahead to 2019 and beyond, what plans are in place to ensure Voonix continues to grow?
JN: We are constantly developing the software, and thanks to all our clients that help us in the developing process, we will ensure that our software meets the demands of existing and new clients in the year to come. Our main focus for 2019 will be to meet the demands for even more in-depth data and integration of the other types of stats systems.
On the human resource front, we will add extra resources in development and in customer service. The biggest change will come in Q3 where we will be rolling out two new markets for affiliates – Loan & Leads, something that matters a lot to existing clients.
Find out more about the Digital Marketing Forum and purchase tickets HERE.

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