James Sandberg, Customer Devoted: Social optimisation will soon be as important as SEO

Ahead of next month’s Digital Marketing Forum, Affiliate Industry Review CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone caught up with James Sandberg, founder of eCommerce agency Customer Devoted.
Sandberg, who is heading up a panel entitled ‘Lead Generation: Sales funnels have morphed into flywheels’ at the West London event, introduces artificial intelligence entity AMY and talks up the importance of social optimisation during the discussion. Below are some takeaways.

So what is AMY?

AMY is an artificial intelligence entity that Sandberg insists “essentially coordinates” his life. In many ways it’s a diary organiser, that can be used to organise a Skype meeting, phone call, face-to-face meeting, etc. So it makes for a handy tool for those that want to connect to their affiliate managers quickly and easily.

Social optimisation

We’re all aware of SEO, but something that will soon be just as influential is social optimisation. Social algorithms are changing, and how you can optimise these is becoming more important. At the Digital Marketing Forum, Sandberg will be discussing how to find out which content is gaining most social traction, and how this information can be utilised to enhance your offering.
“When you produce a piece of content in 2019, you should be social and search optimising it, and therefore maximising its shareability and optimising it for rankings too,” he added.
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