Gaming and Lotteries Act

Interim Gaming and Lotteries Act comes into force in Ireland

The Gaming and Lotteries Act has come into force in Ireland as of 1 December. This act comes as Ireland prepares for widespread regulatory reform within the gambling market. The act will improve the overall standard of the gambling industry in Ireland.

New amendments in place

The Gaming and Lotteries Act 2019 is an amendment of the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956-2013. There is a long list of new amendments which were passed and have now come into force.

Some of the changes that we will see include standardising the minimum age for licensed gambling to 18 years old. Penalties for breaching the act have also been increased which will put operators in this area on edge.

Additionally, the act will allow the application process for gambling and lottery permits to be streamlined. This will allow operators to get up and running legally in a much shorter space of time.

Temporary measures

The amendments to this act in Ireland are simply in place temporarily until the entire gambling industry in Ireland is reformed. There are permanent changes expected to come into force by 2021. These changes are not yet fully outlined but they are expected to include some similar terms detailed in the Gaming and Lotteries Act 2019.

Minister of State with special responsibility for gambling regulation, James Browne said: “Gambling is a large and evolving industry. It must be the subject of a modern, sensible and effective licensing and regulatory approach. My department is now engaged in the drafting of a general scheme of a new bill to provide for that comprehensive reform.”

While there are additional changes coming over the next year, the current rules are now in place. Operators in Ireland must adhere to these rules or face strict fines.

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