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How can affiliates use ‘interaction fields’ to engage online users?

The internet today isn’t just keeping consumers connected with the important people in their lives. In the world of business, brands are now delving into areas of expertise beyond just their core product or service.

One term to birth from the above is ‘interaction fields’, coined by Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler CEO of Vivaldi. What does this mean, I hear you ask? Well, it’s the concept of different practices being connected. It’s why, for example, Netflix is now a content creator and doesn’t just stream shows and movies. 

And we’ve seen interaction fields work in iGaming, through mergers and more. Applying the term can empower affiliates to reach greatness they never knew was possible, as we’ll discuss today. 

What are the benefits of interaction fields? 

Nowadays, consumers are more than just consumers. Much of the time, they’re also the driving force behind marketing messages. By creating value beyond your primary niche – for example, you’re a horse racing affiliate but also begin to cover football – you’ll draw in a larger audience from a broader field. In turn, more people will be encouraged to share data, connect and interact. 

Along with audiences now doing more than merely taking in messages, it’s also become imperative to appeal to people beyond the consumer demographic. You must also create messages for other stakeholders. And this should be viewed as a great opportunity, because you could encourage competitors to work with you. Since this will show that you share similar values, you’ll be less likely to lose your audience to those brands. 

How can iGaming affiliates incorporate interaction fields? 

In the intro section of this blog post, we mentioned how Netflix had turned into a content creator as well as a streamer. Well, why don’t you try something similar but different? Along with being sharing articles and the like, you could look into the possibility of streaming live events too. A recent Sportradar whitepaper cited that over half of surveyed individuals would welcome more interactivity, so you’d be inviting them to engage further with you on a regular basis.

The acquisition of big sporting websites is something that has also occurred within the iGaming industry over the past few years. A high-profile example of this happened in 2017, when the affiliate network Catena Media acquired Squawka. Through this, the company applied an affiliation model to a site with over 800,000 loyal followers on social media. Catena Media said that they expected this deal to bring in an extra €2 million per year, highlighting the power of this tactic. 

Some final thoughts 

When you consider how many voices exist online these days, you can understand why companies choose to grow beyond a single product. And although your messaging will always be important, you need to do more than that these days. Encouraging interactions from B2B and B2C audiences will create more value, thus broadening your reach. By doing this, you’ll help to grow your online engagement rates. 

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