Indiana legislators pass gambling expansion bill

Indiana could be the next US state in line to launch online sports betting, after lawmakers approved a gambling expansion bill last week. Not only will the betting industry be legalised, but the bill is also set to authorise the opening of new casinos in Terre Haute and Gary.
Both the House and the Senate have voted in favour of the expanded proposal – with an agreement having been reached through the inclusion of payments to Evansville and three northwestern Indiana cities. Furthermore, the gambling expansion legislation allows the operation of racecourse casinos in both Anderson and Shelbyville, which is set to permit table games with live dealers.

The bill

The House Public Policy Committee approved a piece of legislation, which set out to open Indiana to sports betting in March, but not before amending the proposal. In one of the most recent amendments, the possibility of mobile betting in Indiana was dismissed, which resulted in a a unanimous 12-0 vote in favour.
Representative Terri Austin – who co-sponsored the bill – commented on the legislation prior to the committee’s decision: “There will be changes, that will be determined in a conference committee.” Austin went on to add that she believes the bill in question will ultimately gain sufficient support to reach the Governor’s desk for final approval.
Mobile gambling wasn’t the only thing omitted from the bill, as the requirement to use official league data for in-play wagering was also erased. Nonetheless, the current age limit (set at 21 years old) remained unchanged, while betting on eSports and high school or youth sporting events also remain banned.

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