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Incentive Games and Betsson agree Kenyan iGaming deal

The iGaming operator Betsson has agreed a deal with Incentive Games to launch some of the latter’s titles in the Kenyan markets through the brand Betsafe.

Incentive Games is a software provider based in Edinburgh, UK, and they have already launched their slots in the African market through a number of other brands.

Amongst their games are jackpots and bespoke African games that will no doubt fit in well with the existing games in the Betsafe brand.

As this comes following Betsson’s sports betting launch in Kenya through the Betsafe brand, this partnership could not be more ideal. Incentive Games offers games focused on sports and so the games should look natural in the same lobby. They are able to offer both free- and pay-to-play games.

Betsafe are determined to offer as prestigious a site as possible. By integrating high-quality games from brands like Incentive, they will be able to put together a brilliant platform that is able to appeal to a wide variety of players.

Affiliates should keep a close eye on evolving markets such as these to watch for the best deals. Partnerships like that between the Betsson and Incentive will create interesting opportunities in international markets. The right affiliate will then be able to harness this and use it to great success within their program.

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