iGaming regulations published by Argentinian province Corrientes

New iGaming regulations have been published by the province of Corrientes in Argentina. The regulations were published in the official government gazette and they have caused quite a stir around the world.

Multiple forms of betting allowed

According to the publication, the Corrientes government will allow multiple forms of betting to take place, including online casino and bingo products. That’s not all – they will also allow for betting on sports events and non-sporting events.

One thing that has been mentioned in the gazette is that it won’t be possible to bet on politics which would typically fall under the non-sports events’ category. The inclusion of this point is important to note and suggests that the government is keen to keep politics out of this.

Verticals will be regulated heavily

The legalisation of online gambling and sports betting by the Argentinian province Corrientes does come with some restrictions as a license will be required to operate. The Corrientes Lottery and Casino Institute plan on handling operator licensing and enforcement over the next few years.

There are also strict regulations regarding advertising as operators are required not to target minors. Rules also ask advertisers not to create any confusion regarding the nature of the game and they must not be deceptive or unfair in their adverts.

Responsible gambling encouraged

Similar to the regulations set out by the UKGC, the Corrientes Lottery will require operators to offer responsible gambling tools to keep players in check. They must allow players to set deposit limits and allow them to exclude themselves if they wish. Additionally, an alert must go off if they are logged into the site for more than three hours.

It is expected that details of license fees and the application process will be released soon enough. For now, this is one market that we should be considering as it presents some real opportunities for affiliates.

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