How to weather the growing pains of a new affiliate business

Growing an affiliate business as a new business owner can be tricky to tackle. If you want to reinvigorate your love of your business and get over start up hurdles that can burn you out, here are some simple steps you can take to reboot your entrepreneurial mindset.

Growth is good

The main thing to remember is that growing pains come because your business is growing, and that’s a fantastic thing! You’re progressing and creating something bigger than yourself with your affiliate business. If your headaches come as a result of staffing problems or new services, be happy that you’re expanding enough to have them. 

It’s all about re-adjusting your business mindset, if you see these as signs that your business is flourishing then you won’t mind them quite as much. This won’t clear it all up overnight, but it will make you feel happier with the effort that you’re putting in.

Improve your income streams

If your business offers a lot of different services, like affiliate marketing and also marketing services, then you might feel pulled in a lot of directions. Take time to figure out which income streams are actually making you money and which are just costing you time. 

Cut out the services that don’t make you money or charge a higher premium to make them worth your while. This will free up your time and get you back to feeling like you’re achieving the necessary steps in your affiliate business. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, then cutting out these services that bloat your schedule can improve this.

Celebrate your success, even the smallest wins

It can be easy to gloss over your successes and get stuck on the negatives, but as you can imagine this isn’t the best way to feel motivated in your business. Taking time to stop and realise your successes can bring you the motivation that you need to push forward. If you have a team of people employed by your company, then make sure they’re aware when they do a good job for your business too. Demotivated staff can cause headaches, so nip this in the bud and make them feel appreciated. 

Work smart, not hard

If you want to get more from the time that you have, then you might want to change how you approach your work. Identify areas in which you could be shaving hours and minutes off your regular routine. This frees up your time to get working on your business, rather than dealing with the day to day working in it. Outsource if you have to free up the headspace to think. Automate where you can so that you can focus on strategic items that you really have to do. 

Make your daily routine easier by bringing in staff or even new technology. AI is getting more advanced all the time, so you might want to think about bringing this into your routine. 

Collaborate and share , its the best way to learn

The affiliate space is a great place to get to know and network with other members. This allows you to share with others and collaborate with one another in order to improve your outlook. This may be as simple as attending a networking event and chatting about common headaches in the affiliate sphere. 

At events like AffiliateFEST, you really get a chance to know the room. It’s about collaboration and learning, rather than hiding your own strategies. This kind of fantastic creative environment will get the sparks flying before you know it. 

If you’d like to come along to the next AffiliateFEST in September, then book your ticket now. We can’t wait to inspire you to get your entrepreneurial spark back on. 

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