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How to Keep Your Affiliates Active

Running a successful affiliate program takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If you want your affiliate program to seriously benefit your business, you need to work hard to make sure your affiliate partners are staying active and engaged as much as possible. Keeping your affiliates active is important to improve the engagement of your affiliates and increase sales and brand awareness. We’ve put together some ways for you to keep your affiliates active while still focusing on the everyday running of your business.

Send Your Affiliates Regular Emails

Following up with your affiliate partners is a great way to keep your affiliates active. Send them emails and ask them if they have any questions or concerns that you are able to help them with. This is especially useful for dormant affiliates as it can help to remind them of your program. If you have a lot of affiliate partners you could do this in the form of an automated or mass email, or you could choose to only follow up with your top or most promising affiliates, whatever works best for your company.

Sending a welcome email to any new affiliate partners can also be a great way to activate new partners from the get-go and establish a good connection with them. This can also be a great opportunity to address any questions your affiliates may have to ensure that they know what they are doing from day 1. If you want to make sure that this welcome email is driving action, you can fill this email with tips and tricks to help start your affiliates off or give them some ideas about content that has been proven to be effective for other partners.

As well as this, keep your affiliates active by providing them with regular updates on what your business is up to and all of your latest news. Any time you launch a new product, a new promotion or have any other important news, update your affiliates and your staff with an email. Roughly 84% of affiliate partners prefer to be contacted by email, and it is the most common way for affiliate managers to contact affiliates, so email updates can prove to be incredibly useful. It can also be a great way to remind your affiliate partners of your program and inspire some new promotions and content.

Provide Support to Your Affiliates

Offer your affiliates a channel or even just an email address where they can reach out to you for any questions they may have or if they are ever in need of help. Being available like this can really improve your connection with your affiliate partners and make them feel heard and supported, which will help to make them more committed to your brand. Answer any questions they have and show them that they can rely on you.

If your affiliates are constantly asking for help and detailed guidance, however, you can simply direct them to your affiliate marketing blog or a valued affiliate marketing source to help them out. Don’t spend all of your valuable resources training up your affiliates unless this was part of your agreement. Be polite and friendly, but also clear and direct.

Offer Your Affiliates Performance-Based Incentives

Performance-based incentives can have an extremely positive effect on affiliate partners and is a great way to keep your affiliates active. Incentives can encourage affiliates to increase the effort they are putting into your promotion. Incentives could be higher commissions or a bonus payment for any affiliates who earn over a specific threshold in a given time period. Providing incentives based on performance helps you to keep your affiliates engaged and active, and makes your affiliate program a more desirable one to work for than other affiliate marketing programs that also want to take your partners on board.

Get Your Affiliates Involved in Giveaways

Giveaways are an incredibly effective way to engage marketers and customers alike. Put together a giveaway promoted by your affiliate marketers to help grow your brand and theirs – after all, the more followers your affiliate has the more brand awareness they can encourage. Get your affiliates to write product reviews with a giveaway link at the end and reward winners with free products. Giveaways are a great way to increase exposure and allow consumers to try out your products, increasing the likelihood of more future sales

Let Affiliates Test New Products or Features

Try giving your affiliate partners access to free trials of products or services that you are releasing so that they can write good reviews, provide you with feedback and make the affiliate feel as though they are getting special treatment. This can really improve the loyalty of your affiliates and is a great way to keep your affiliates active, as well as improve the authenticity of their promotions and help them to learn more about your products.

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