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How to improve your conversion rate on social media

Social media marketing is the giant of the marketing world. With most of the world online these days, focusing on social media to increase your conversion rate should be at the forefront of any successful brand.

While social media poses a lot of competition in terms of earning user interest and interaction, it can be a fantastic way to grab customers and show them how unique your brand is. Make sure to advertise across a variety of platforms including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to gain traction across as wide an area as possible.

When you’re using social media to improve your conversions, you will need to have a clear goal in mind and a plan of how you are going to achieve it. To help you with this, we’ve put together 7 ways to improve the conversion rate of your brand on social media:

1. Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience is essential to improving your conversion rate. Take a look at your social media insights to investigate your audience’s ages and interests as well as their buying preferences and habits. This can help you work out who your converting audiences are and work to tailor your marketing strategies towards an increase in conversion rates for social media.

2. Target your content

Once you have a better understanding of your audiences, you can create targeted content to connect with them. Output content that is talking to your audience, answering their questions and highlighting how your products and services can improve the lives of your customers. Optimise this content by engaging with keywords relevant to your audiences and SEO practices to increase your conversion rates.

3. Optimise your landing pages

It is important to remember that your audiences are likely to be engaging with your social media content across a variety of devices. Make sure to tailor all of your landing pages to be both desktop and mobile-friendly to increase the conversion rates from mobile users. Optimise the navigation tools you offer too, with simple clicks and easily-identifyable links to direct users to your landing pages. Quick and seamless navigation is essential to converting more visitors from external sources. 

4. Encourage Social Proof

Every time a brand speaks, it counts as marketing. When your customers speak, it is known as social proof. This increases the credibility of your brand as audiences are seeing feedback directly from users. Customers tend to be more naturally trusting of recommendations from friends, family, influencers and affiliates than from brands, which is why social proof is so valuable. Encourage your customers to share their experiences across social media and leave reviews for your brand. From there, you can share these reviews as testimonials to really boost your conversion rates.

5. Focus on video content

In 2022, the most preferred type of content is video. Video content is great for improving engagement as well as increasing traffic to your website due to the wide range of content available within this category. You can include a variety of content such as product reviews, educational videos, animations or even funny sketches. The GenZ audience particularly loves the personal touch that comes through on platforms like TikTok or BeReal, so make sure your videos are engaging and showing off that human element to really engage a wide audience and increase conversions. Try to create content that will encourage users to stop scrolling and engage fully with your content. Show off your brand identity and start each video with a strong CTA to really increase your conversion rate on social media.

6. Make use of user-generated content

Nowadays, customers are creating content almost as much as they are consuming it. User-generated content is considered more authentic than brand-created, and so making use of affiliate marketers and influencers as well as your loyal customers can be a great way to boost your brand’s reputation.

7. Create a compelling CTA

Anyone in business has been told a thousand times about the importance of a compelling CTA, however, it really is one of the best tools in your arsenal. In terms of social media, customers are looking for easy, quick ways to take action, so make sure that your CTA includes a link as well as encouragement to click that link. Tell your users why they should engage with your brand and what benefits they will get from it.

8. Keep track of your social media analytics

Any brand using social media as a marketing tool should be sure to always keep track of its social media insights. With social media changing and developing so fast all the time, social media insights will help you to constantly adapt and optimise your marketing strategies and improve your conversion rate as a result. Pay special attention to which posts are generating the best engagement and try to tailor your content towards that as much as you can.

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