COVID-19 optimism

How to emerge from COVID-19 firing on all cylinders

It’s been a long three months or so, but the world is finally beginning to awaken from its COVID-19-induced slumber. Lockdowns are easing, businesses are reopening and sports are slowly resuming. And with the changing of the seasons, the sun is even shining. 

Maybe you’re one of the millions who have struggled since March. Or perhaps, on the flip side, you’ve enjoyed better-than-expected success. Either way, what you do from now on is the most important thing in ensuring post-pandemic prosperity. 

If you’ve still got some down time, it makes sense to use it wisely and make sure that you’re ready to enter the real world again with all guns blazing. And today, we’re going to show you how to do exactly that. 

It’s time for a website audit 

Beginning of June. Sixth month of the year. Doesn’t really matter that COVID-19 happens to exist. Perfect time to perform your quarterly website audit, especially when Google implemented an important core update last month. 

Find out what is and isn’t working for your website right now. Have you gone up or down in search rankings? And regardless of the answer, why is that the case? What can you do differently? These are all questions that you should be asking. 

Make sure that the speed of both your mobile and desktop pages are up-to-scratch and that all of your links are working. You want to make sure that a) people can actually find you and b) they’re not met with something that looks like it was put together by a 12-year-old in their first IT lesson. 

What does your post-pandemic strategy look like? 

Competition will be fiercer-than-ever after COVID-19, especially in industries that went dormant such as sports betting. You should have been pivoting during this time and looking at new ways to engage users, but if you didn’t then there’s still time to make an impact. 

Think about how you’re going to start strongly. The Premier League, for example, will be back in mid-June. So, why not promote a special offer related to this? 

Look at yourself on a business level, too. Will your culture and/or identity change? And if the answer to that is yes, how will you communicate this? 

Think about current gaps in your existing overall business strategy. Once you’ve found them, tweak accordingly. This is a fresh start and by entering the coming months with optimism, you’ll be able to generate more traffic. 

Look at your content strategy 

Now is a good time to look at your existing content strategy and think about what you can do to engage your audience better than your competitors. Take the time you’ve got to learn new and useful skills, such as making videos and infographics. 

It’s also worth thinking about social media. If you’ve done really well on one channel, look at another you could add. You might, as an example, find that you’ve excelled on Twitter but a large pool of your target audience also hangs out on Instagram. If you rejuggle your social approach well, you could find that you have an extra source of traffic for the long run. 

Aside from thinking of new ways to keep users interested, you should also look at existing content on your website. If a certain article contains outdated information, change that so it remains fresh and relevant. Look at your links and make sure they all work properly too. And if there are pages that aren’t necessary, delete them. Your content is your voice and if you come across as sloppy or unbothered, you’ll find yourself on the fast road to being disrespected. 

Final thoughts 

While the past few months have been tough, coming out of COVID-19 offers a huge opportunity for businesses to rejuvenate themselves. Some consumer habits will change, but at the core of it they’ll remain loyal to brands that serve their values and interests. 

If you’ve struggled with customers, this is a good time to change that. Give your website a makeover and start hanging out where they do, interacting with them and providing value in the process. 

The simple reality is that while nobody knows what the world will look like for the rest of this year and beyond, there will be winners and losers. And the winners will be those who are willing to adapt and put in the work now. 

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