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How Online Casino Affiliates Can Help Players

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing, especially in the modern-day world of digital marketing. As the popularity of affiliate marketing increases, more industries are beginning to see the benefits of making use of affiliate partners to expand their reach and create successful marketing campaigns. The iGaming industry is no different, and in fact, online casino affiliates can be a powerful tool in not only marketing online casinos to players but also in helping these players to research the right online casinos for them and to help them make better, more informed choices.

The Buyer Awareness Journey

A good affiliate marketing program will help to improve the buyer awareness journey of online casinos. This is because casinos can partner with trusted affiliates to help to spread awareness of the brand, but also use their trusted status to help casinos gain a better reputation and grow the trust of players researching online casinos. This increase in customer awareness is essential in growing a brand, and the element of trust gained through affiliate marketing can serve as a huge boost to online casinos as customers will be able to much more easily identify which brands are trustworthy and which should be avoided.

Online casino affiliates are most often players of online casinos themselves. They will have amassed a wealth of experience playing at online casinos which they may use to create content such as reviews, videos, blogs and other websites to share their experiences at different casinos with their audiences. This will make online casino affiliates an extremely trusted and reputable source, with so much knowledge and experience in the industry that they want to share with their wide audiences. This makes them perfect affiliate partners for online casinos, as the affiliate partners will already know all of the intricacies of the industry and therefore are able to market well to new and existing customers.

Usually, online casino affiliates work to gain the trust of players and attract a wide audience to casino sites by sharing reputable information, reviews and a selection of handy online gambling tips and tricks. By making use of link building, online forums and clever SEO, online casino affiliates are able to often earn high rankings on search engines and can therefore be extremely valuable in driving traffic to casino operating sites.

Advertising Safer Gambling

To be able to do this easily, however, casino operators’ brands will need to work closely with affiliate marketing partners to help the players find the right information before they begin to make bets and deposits. Safer gambling restrictions are in place to protect the whole industry, and it is extremely important that affiliate partners are helping customers to find information on safer gambling regulations easily and that this information is accessible to everyone. This can be done a number of ways but is almost impossible without the help of the online casino itself. Each casino will have its own measures in place to ensure safer gambling standards are met at all times, and affiliate partners can be essential in helping brands to spread this information. The aim of online casino affiliates marketing is to provide information on why a customer should choose one casino above another, and a huge part of that is in the safety and regulation that a site offers. Present this information clearly, and make sure that your online casinos are highly secure for your players to ensure that you retain the trust of both players and your affiliates to get the best quality of marketing.

7 Touchpoints

An important part of any marketing campaign is the customer touchpoints that are utilised. Touchpoints can be any interaction that you have directly with your customer – from a phone call conversation to a social media advert to a CTA at the end of an email. The “right” number of touchpoints in any marketing campaign can change depending on your marketing approach, the industry you are working within and who you are targeting, but generally, the more the better. In terms of online casino affiliates and their marketing, you’ll want to aim for around 7 touchpoints. Stick to this number consistently across all of your marketing efforts and you should start to see some great results from your campaigns. 


If you’re an online casino looking to find new ways to market your brand, then affiliate partners may be the solution you’ve been looking for. With their large followings, expert industry knowledge and passion for the games, they can be the perfect go-between to help online casinos reach players effectively. Helping players research the best online casinos available by making use of a variety of customer touchpoints and emphasising the importance of online gambling safety, online casino affiliates can be one of the most valuable tools in growing a customer base for your online casino.

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