LinkedIn for Affiliate Managers

How can affiliate managers make LinkedIn their most important social media channel?

Do you use LinkedIn? If you’re in any sort of B2B field, the answer to that question is probably yes. 

But do you really use LinkedIn? We’re not talking about the profile you created in 2017 and haven’t updated since. Instead, we’re talking about utilising this platform to its maximum potential. 

There might be fewer raised hands to that second question. However, if you use it right, this channel can be vital for reaching your business goals. 

Keep reading to find out why this is the case, plus what you can do to make the most of LinkedIn. 

The benefits of using LinkedIn for affiliate managers 

Let’s start with stating the obvious – LinkedIn is huge for B2B professionals. In fact, Statista reports that 41% of marketers that focus on other businesses use this channel over Facebook. The same website also reveals that 66% think LinkedIn is the most effective social channel for their business (cited from Articulate Marketing), compared to just 30% siding with Facebook

This is great news for you. Regardless of what others say about LinkedIn being too small, your audience is already on here. Finding people within companies and their roles is relatively simple, too. Therefore, you can not only discover who you need to contact but also pick a few icebreakers to add a personal touch. 

LinkedIn is also great for boosting engagement rates and visibility. For a start, it’s easier to target your content easier. Hashtags tend to contain less spam than Facebook and Twitter, while content is more visible if it aligns with individual interests. Moreover, since Google loves LinkedIn, you can rank your name higher in search engines too. 

What can I do to build my personal brand on LinkedIn? 

Use video. People love video, especially on social media. That’s because they can consume it wherever they are, no matter how much or little time they have. 

You don’t need to hire Steven Spielberg and his team to use video on LinkedIn effectively. You just a) need your phone and b) an idea of what you can say that’ll be of interest to your audience. It doesn’t need to be long, either – according to Animoto, almost two-thirds of consumers prefer videos that are shorter than 60 seconds. 

Video has multiple benefits. You’ll build trust through growing your personal brand, making partners more likely to do business with you. And on a personal level, you’ll become a more confident speaker. Great for closing deals and just for every social situation you encounter in life. 

Change your headline. Search ‘Affiliate Manager’ on LinkedIn and you’ll find thousands of results. You need to distinguish yourself from everybody else.

Don’t leave people guessing. People don’t turn to LinkedIn to solve jigsaws – puzzle sets were invented for that reason. They want to find out how you can help, without needing to figure it out for themselves. A simple “helping ____ to ____” (obviously filling in the gaps) will make a big difference. 

Post regularly. Consistency breeds results. While you don’t want to be annoying and share 20 updates a day, you should be trying to share on a regular basis. The more people see you in their feeds, the more they’ll remember your name. 

Final thoughts 

LinkedIn is a great tool for meeting your business goals. It allows you to not only reach your desired audience, but also place yourself as an authority. And the great thing about it is that you don’t need to be a social media expert or content master. You just need to understand what your audience wants and demonstrate how you can share your expertise. 

Building a personal brand is important, but not *that* difficult. Just tweaking small things on your profile will help you to stand out amongst those who barely use the platform. Moreover, posting consistent content will grow your presence and make partners more likely to come to you. 

By providing useful tips, engaging in conversations and encouraging others to interact with you, you’ll make LinkedIn invaluable and hit your business goals. Not to mention, you’ll have fun in the process too. 

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