Hot tools that can help you master customer marketing

Marketing your brand effectively is half the battle in the affiliate space, if you build it they won’t come unless they know about it first. If you want to master effective brand marketing then we have a few tools here to help you  to bootstrap your campaigns. 


If you quite like to have everything that you need in once place, then BuzzSumo can be your best friend. All you really need to do is enter a domain or topic into their tool to see suggestions, social signals and content drilldowns. This gives you the chance to see which articles make an impact with which communities. 

By assessing what works for others, you can begin to flesh out a strategy to improve this for your brand. You can also find the most influential brands in the sphere, so you can work with them or use their strategy for your own brand. 

The free version of the product will give you a lot of great information, without having to trawl the internet to find it for yourself. There are limitations to the free version, but it’s enough to try the platform and find out if it gives you an edge over the competition. 


If you’ve looked into video marketing in the past but dismissed it due to costings, it’s time to revisit it. Promo allows you to take video footage and overlay your own messages with ease. You’re creating something that’s bespoke to your brand, without spending a lot of cash.

There are a few pricing options available with this tool, you can select the one that suits the level of content that you need. Then, it’s just a case of dragging and dropping their footage to create your perfect ad. You may not have considered creating video in house, but with this tool on your side it couldn’t be easier. 

As you’re using stock footage with this tool, it’s best to focus on the feeling that you want the brand to emote. Thankfully there are plenty of options on there showing the winning feeling and what you can expect. 


If you want to deliver quick, snappy messages then you can also use this app. It allows you to select background images and then lay animation over the top of it. This can help you to spice up your feed with more visual messaging, without having to rely on text posts. 

There’s a vast library of images and effects that you can use within this app, then you can export it as a video or a GIF. This can then be shared directly to your social channels to create a bit of variety within the feed. It’s boring for your users to be barraged by text posts every day, so make sure your feed looks enticing. 

Social Blade

Influencer marketing is a hot tool right now, but Social Blade can help to ensure you’re getting the most for your money. This assesses the quality of your potential influencer’s social channels, by comparing integration and historical following. This allows you to get more information on their following and whether it’s a match made in heaven or not. 


To create images that speak a thousand words, this app is key. It’s free and allows you to combine hard hitting images with your own tagline. Take a browse around the app and figure out what would resonate with your users. The fonts and colours help your brand to stand out to your ideal audience. 

It’s similar to WordSwag, so if you’re a fan of one you’ll probably like using the other too. Our advice would be to try both to assess which you find best to use. They both have their pros and cons, which will vary by user. 

Creating a great brand image online will attract new traffic to your site, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and boost your brand awareness with these top tools. Want more key insights? Book your ticket for AffiliateFEST now!

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