Global Gaming – Elaine Gardiner: “A relationship-based affiliate programme”

Earlier this month Malmo-headquartered igaming company Global Gaming launched an affiliate programme. Affiliate Industry Review caught up with Elaine Gardiner, the firm’s Head of Affiliates, to find out more.

Affiliate Industry Review: Global Gaming has been in operation since 2009. Why is now the best time to launch an affiliate programme?

Elaine Gardiner: Initially Global Gaming had an affiliate program called Crazy Rewards. However, since the inception of our flagship brand Ninja Casino back in 2016, the company has expanded considerably, and we therefore required a new program to meet our recent growth.

This fresh start gave us the opportunity to build a new program from scratch and focus on what we think is important within an affiliate program, while also bringing it in line with Global Gaming’s unique offering and company values.

AI: Why are Global Gaming using the MyAffiliates tracking software?

EG: Adopting the MyAffiliates software made strategic sense for us, as its scalability and flexibility is highly suited to a fast-growing brand such as Global Gaming.

Their personalised, quick support also really stood out for us. The purpose of Global Gaming Affiliates is to offer a personal, thoughtful affiliate program, and this was reflected with the MyAffiliates software offering.

Finding a partner software that mirrors your company values is increasingly rare in today’s environment, but with MyAffiliates we feel like they are the perfect firm to work with for the Global Gaming Affiliates vision.

AI: The affiliate sphere is one that is becoming increasingly saturated. Why should customers choose Global Gaming Affiliates over rival affiliate programmes?

EG: With Global Gaming Affiliates adopting a back to basics approach, we feel that a targeted, personal touch to affiliate marketing is attractive to customers. Some sites won’t necessarily be conducive to certain forms of traffic, and we try and match traffic streams to websites, so customers receive the best possible help from our affiliate program.

We think it is important to have a relationship-based affiliate program and treat customers as equal partners. Many of our planned enhancements to our affiliate program revolve around making our affiliate program as fair as possible for partners, as opposed to a one-way street.

AI: What targets have been set for Global Gaming Affiliates, both short-term and long term?

EG: In the immediate future, our main aim is to consolidate our successful launch, and integrate our new casino brand, SpelLandet into the Global Gaming Affiliates program.

One of the key priorities as well is to migrate over all the Crazy Rewards brands and content into one collective affiliates program which is easily accessible.

We are also set to introduce some enhancements to our Affiliates program, which is something to keep an eye open for over the next few months!

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